What are Chakras

There are seven major chakras. The word ‘chakra’ is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘circle’ or ‘wheel’. These chakras are formed in the etheric body but interact with the rest of the physical body and the aura. Two of these chakras are positioned in the crown of the head and in between the eyebrows, with the other five being in line with the spine. These chakras are powerful wheels of energy that work to energise and activate the physical body. Each one has it’s own colour that is connected to one of the endocrine glands in the body. There are more upper chakras that are like a spiritual ladder leading to enlightenment, but the ones we focus on during therapy are the seven major ones I talk about below.

The seven major chakras are the same colour as the rainbow and are as follows: –

1. RED-The first/Root Chakra

2. ORANGE-The second/Sacral Chakra

3. YELLOW-The third/Solar Plexus Chakra

4. GREEN-The fourth/Heart Chakra

5. BLUE-The fifth/Throat Chakra

6. INDIGO-The sixth/ 3rd Eye Chakra

7. VIOLET-The seventh/ Crown Chakra


THE ROOT CHAKRA is at the bottom of the spine. It is associated with the sense of smell and the element Earth. It supports the nervous system, legs and bones, blood, spine and vagina. The endocrine glands linked to it are the testes. The root chakra is the seat of the Kundalini, the esoteric spine which is the blueprint of the physical spine. It contains a thread made up of three strands, which together channels universal life force energy. These 3 strands are called:-

  1. Pingala
  2. Ida
  3. Sushumna 

Together these 3 paths channel electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. The Kundalini fire is the union of all three fires. The root chakra is your survival centre and where the fight or flight response is initiated. When this chakra is well balanced it gives you a feeling of overall good well-being, resulting in you feeling grounded and confident and also makes you sexually affectionate. However, too much energy here is a negative thing as it can make you bad tempered, domineering, sexually aggressive and egotistical. Whereas too little energy can result in you having very little will power in terms of achieving all your ambitions in life, and feeling depressed and with little or no interest at all in sex, basically making you ungrounded. Some physical issues which can then manifest themselves are testicular disorders, haemorrhoid’s, leg and spinal issues. The root chakra carries all the qualities of survival from our ancestors, for they fought to create a better and safer life for themselves, their courage and tenacity are in built in each of us as part of our generic heritage, just like the roots of diseases can be passed down from generation to generation, so are our spiritual qualities. When we find ourselves struggling and in difficult situations, we draw on the qualities our ancestors had to see us through these hard times, tapping into qualities such as being cunning, stealth, ruthless and courageous in order to live and survive. When we are in the flight or fight response our adrenaline flows into the blood, which puts us in survival mode. The root chakra anchors itself to the earth when we are patient, resourceful and hopeful about our lives. Remaining positive and open to possibilities strengthens this chakra, which then allows for inner strength. Anchoring our spirit in reality is the biggest quality of this chakra.


THE SACRAL CHAKRA is orange in colour and is positioned just below the belly button, it’s element is water and is connected to the sense of taste. This chakra works with the skin and kidneys, the female reproductive organs, mammary glands and its associated endocrine glands are the adrenals. This chakra is extremely powerful because it controls your sex life thus linking it with creativity, particularly in females. When it is well balanced you will be kind and caring, showing concern for other people and displaying a positive and friendly demeanour towards others. You will be in tune with your own feelings and your sexual energy will be balanced. When working at maximum capacity it can make you a lot more intuitive and makes your sensitivity stronger. If however, it gets too much energy it can make you manipulative, with an explosive temper, over ambitious, greedy and obsessed with sex. On the other hand, too little energy here results in being too shy, over sensitive, burdened with guilt, resentful and fearful and sexually you can be frigid with zero interest in sex. A woman could experience difficulty in conceiving a baby and a man could become impotent. The physical problems which can become a problem are with the bladder and kidneys, irregular breathing patterns, circulatory disorders, intestinal problems and disturbances of the central nervous system. With irritability and migraines becoming troublesome too. A blocked sacral chakra can also show up as problems with both the male and female reproductive systems, resulting in problems with women not being able to achieve orgasm, menstrual disorders and infertility problems and with impotency in men.


THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Is based just above the belly button and it’s colour is yellow, it’s element is fire and is associated with the sense of taste. It influence’s the stomach, digestive organs, the duodenum, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and the skin. This chakra is associated with the sun and to the ego. The Chinese call it the ‘triple warmer’ due to the fact that during digestion heat is generated. The Solar Plexus is linked to the emotions so responds to our feelings. When balanced, a person will have a sunny happy disposition, be outgoing, spontaneous and bubbly. They will also enjoy all the good things that life has to offer, enjoying good food, being physically active and will feel fantastic to be around due to their emotional warmth. However, too much energy here can make a person a law-unto-themselves, argumentative, judgmental, a workaholic and/or a perfectionist. Too little energy can make a person have feelings of insecurity, worry and confusion, with a lack of self – confidence. A person may become lonely and depressed and suffer from digestion problems. Some physical ailments resulting from an unbalanced solar plexus, are stomach and digestive problems, diabetes, fevers, muscular and nervous tension and problems with the lower back.


THE HEART CHAKRA is green in colour and it’s element is air, it is associated with the sense of touch. This chakra influences the heart, lungs, the circulatory and immune system. This is where we feel love and depending on how evolved we are governs how we experience love. for it can be felt at just a physical level, as in sexual arousal and lust, or it can be a case of unconditional love, to get to feel like this we have to first love ourselves. When we can do this our love transforms into an unconditional love which spreads out to everyone and is non-judgmental. When this chakra is balanced it gives you a desire to nurture other people, feel compassion and is friendly, outgoing and in touch with their own feelings. If too much energy is generated here it can make a person mardy, critical, demanding, possessive and overly critical. Too little energy though can create a desire to hang onto people and objects, fearing rejection and needing constant reassurance, it can also create paranoia. When this chakra is out of balance it can show up physically as having high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, lung disease and breathing problems.


THE THROAT CHAKRA is blue in colour and is related to the earth element, on a physical level it works with the throat, ears, shoulders, the parathyroid and the thyroid gland. It is linked to the digestive tract, genital organs, lungs and bronchial tubes and is connected with the centre of speech. The Throat chakra is linked to the higher mental body and is really important when it comes to healing. By treating this area it affects the entire etheric body through the nervous system, very similar to the way the spleen affects the entire physical body through the intake of life force. This chakra is also connected to the words we speak and our creative intelligence. Balancing out energy here makes a person feel centered, a good speaker and very contented, with a good artistic flair. they will also enjoy living in the present and understands spiritual teachings easily. If the energy here though is too much it makes a person dogmatic, self-righteous, and who talks too quickly, they’ll also be arrogant and display too much sexual energy. On the other hand though, too little energy here can make a person afraid of sex, unreliable, scared, inconsistent, manipulative, and timid. Physically when the Throat chakra is out of alignment it can result in thyroid problems, weight issues, feeling exhausted, with back and neck pain and also a sore throat and throat infections.


THE BROW CHAKRA or 3rd eye chakra is situated in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows. It is indigo in colour. This chakra reflects the twofold nature of the mind… the ego self and the spirit self, the reasoning and the intuitive mind. Functioning at it’s best this duality is integrated into wholeness and the energy that is there, raises to the crown chakra and then links to source/God. Physically this chakra is related to the brain, eyes, ears, nose, throat and the nervous system. The endocrine gland associated with this chakra is the pituitary, the secretions from here has an influence on all the other glands. By treating this area we are working with the highest aspect of a person’s soul. When working at it’s full capacity we have zero fear of death and are not obsessed with fame, fortune and materialistic possessions, plus it makes us extremely open minded. When this chakra has too much flow of energy to it the person can become manipulative and an egomaniac who is too proud, and has a tendency to be religiously dogmatic. When there isn’t enough energy here though it can make a person extremely over sensitive, with no discipline, frightened of success and non-assertive and is unable to tell the difference between their higher self and their ego self. On a physical level symptoms that arise can be issues with the sinuses, hormonal imbalances, hay fever, headaches and migraines with eye problems and sleeplessness also manifesting.


THE CROWN CHAKRA is positioned at the top of the head, just above the crown and in Sanskrit means ‘thousandfold’. It is symbolised by a thousand petalled lotus radiating violet. Physically it governs the brain, pineal gland and the nervous system. Here the lower and higher selves have become one, helping us to see the divine reality in everyone you meet. When this happens the brow and crown chakra’s join up to make a halo. You can see this when shown in art work of all the enlightened beings. When working at it’s full potential we become open to divine energy, enabling us to transcend the laws of nature and have all access to both our subconscious and unconscious mind. If there is too much energy here you can feel constantly frustrated and fed up and suffer from a lot of migraines, and if there is too little energy it can make you feel tired, indecisive and just a general feeling of sadness with no sense of joy and happiness. Typically, an unbalanced crown chakra will show up physically as having psychological disorders, migraines, brain disease and disorders of the endocrine system.


The following five chakras are all located on the outside of the body: –

The Earth Star Chakra is located below the feet, with the other four chakras 9-12 being Wayyyyyyyyy higher than above the head, as where the 12th Chakra is concerned we are talking towards Heaven and it’s connection with God!!


CHAKRA 8… THE EARTH STAR / AURIC CHAKRA  connects us to Mother Earth and is the realm of unlimited probabilities.

CHAKRA 9… THE REALITY STAR is the realm of the possible/the causal.

CHAKRA 10… THE STELLAR GATEWAY is the realm of the real; transcendent self.

CHAKRA 11… THE SOUL STAR is the realm of true spiritual essence, the source of spirits and souls.

CHAKRA 12… THE DIVINE GATEWAY connects us with God, Source, Heaven, Consciousness.

The colours connected with these chakras are Mother-of-Pearl, Silver, Copper and Gold.