Treatments I Offer

Below is a little bit of information about the different healing modalities that I use to help bring healing and balance into your chakras. I work intuitively, using the power of 3 of what I feel will benefit you the most, because a combination of all the treatments is a very gentle and brilliant way for restoring people’s vitality and peace of mind.



Colour therapy also known as Chromotherapy is a therapeutic science, which has been used by many races over thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians for instance used specially built solarium rooms with different coloured glass. The sun would shine through the glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits.
How and why this works? The Earth, our continents and oceans, in fact every living thing depends on light to exist, recent scientific evidence suggests that light is emitted by every cell in our bodies. We live in a sea of energy where colour is working within us. It shines within our divine self and radiates upon us from the sun. Research and observations has shown us that specific colours bring balance to our physical and emotional systems.

Colour is simply light of different wavelengths, with each colour having its own wavelength and energy. The energy of these colours are the same seven colours of the rainbow consisting of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and each one of these colours resonates with the energy of each of the main seven chakras in the body. Every colour automatically creates an unconscious physical, emotional, mental, and chemical response in all of us. Keeping the chakras well balanced is extremely important for optimum health and well-being, and Colour therapy can help to balance out these energy centres.

Colour is absorbed by the aura- (energy field) and by the skull, eyes and skin, and colours have the ability to affect us on all levels of spiritual, physical, and emotional. All the cells in our bodies need light energy which is why colour has such a massive effect on the whole body. By being treated with colour it can help you on all levels of your being. Colour therapy is 100% holistic in nature and non – invasive. There are different ways to get colour into your life and I do this with the use of coloured silk scarves, which I lay across the dysfunctional chakra… as it’s possible to transform the chakra by wearing the colour that is needed. I also use the appropriate colour gemstones/crystals which I place on the chakra to help release negative energy. Colour can also be employed by the use of chromotherapy glasses made in the colour of the chakra, a colour light torch, and a colour light box.


The method of receiving Reiki is simple. The recipient remains fully clothed –  (as in all my treatments!) and lies down on my therapy bed, closes their eyes and relaxes. I will then place my hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on, or near the body – there is no massage or manipulation! The whole person is treated rather than specific areas. Reiki is a fantastic treatment and is extremely comforting when life gets tough. Reiki can be beneficial when you feel overwhelmed, disconnected or isolated both emotionally and spiritually. Reiki can bring feelings of peace and helps us to feel generally centred, supporting us with coping better with the challenges and curve balls life throws at us. It’s great for relaxation, security and overall well-being. It can also be beneficial in circumstances that are short-term but can also support people with long term conditions – helping to bring comfort, acceptance and a more positive outlook. Reiki is also supportive during pregnancy, reassuring for animals and helpful at the end of life in helping bring comfort and promote a sense of peace for the person crossing over, and to their families. Reiki is also extremely calming for children – children love Reiki and I regularly use this method of healing on my own three. Although the length of the sessions can be shorter, I adore Reiki on children because most children love it. The body of children and teenagers responds quickly to energy treatments and they can get immense benefits from it, due to their higher acceptability towards the natural ways of the treatment. Reiki is very helpful for children with hypersensitivity also. One of the benefits of Reiki is that the child will be less likely to show signs of excitability and depression. It improves relaxation, sleep and concentration and can enhance self-esteem. Little babies can also get positive impacts from it – it’s helpful for teething babies as a treatment will ease pain and pressure generated by teething issues. Other issues that Reiki is good for is colic and ear ache, plus many other typical ailments of infants.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The word Reiki is made up of two words…Rei which means ‘Gods Wisdom or the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘Life force energy’. So, Reiki is ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, security and well-being. It is simple, natural and safe, and is a tradition open to absolutely any belief system… it is like all energy healing none religious!!



Kundalini Reiki was brought to us by Mr. Ole Gabrielsen and is a straight forward healing technique, similar to Usui Reiki, but is a specific energy that is channeled by connecting to the Earths energy, rather than drawn down from the higher ones as with Usui Reiki. In ‘Sanskrit’ Kundalini means ‘coiled up’ and is often drawn as a serpent or snake that rests at the base of the spine, at the root chakra. The energy is drawn upwards towards the crown chakra from the root chakra, which is an energy centre located near the coccyx. This acts as the entrance to Kundalini energy. Kundalini is also referred to as the kundalini fire, the energy from here proceeds to run up through the body through the main energy channels and out of the crown chakra on top of the head. An open Kundalini means that over a period of time a complete cleansing of the chakras is obtained.



Our pets and animals are an amazing part of our family, they have the ability to lift our spirits and heal us. Even just the presence of an animal can make you feel better due to their unique and special qualities. All my pets throughout my life have always meant the world to me. When I was growing up I had a black Labrador called Blackie – (pictured here) I absolutely loved him to pieces, when I was upset he sensed it… it was like he had telepathic abilities and a spiritual awareness, so would comfort me. He loved me as much as I loved him and he responded instinctively to the energies around him, like most pets he had zero negative qualities in him… he was perfect!


In 2004 I was given a lop-eared house rabbit called Wombat – (a Christmas present from my husband – Left!) He followed me everywhere. Sadly, he got very unwell and his bladder practically stopped working, which left me with no other option than to have him put to sleep. On this sad day as I was driving to the Vet’s heart broken, he summoned up the strength to get off the passenger seat where I had placed him, and he climbed up my body and snuggled deep into my neck… as he always used to do. It was as if he knew where he was going and why, so that was his way of saying a final ‘goodbye’. When I left the Vet’s with him, I took him home and buried him in my back garden in the spot where I used to keep his run in the Summer. I placed an angel figurine on his grave, but when we moved house 3 years ago I decided to take it with me. I spray painted it cream with gold glitter and it now stands in my treatment room on my angel alter. You wouldn’t believe it had stood in the garden for ten years, exposed to the elements as it looks brand new… It’s very sentimental to me! I often see the angel figurine briefly lit up or with an orb low down next to it, which makes me feel really happy as I know it’s Wombat letting me know he’s close by me. A Medium once told me she saw him sat on my knee too as she walked past me in a café, which backed up my intuition as less then five minutes prior I’d said to my friend that I could sense Wombat was with us.


For reasons similar to mine I know a lot of people have the desire to support their own pet/animal’s well-being for years and years of healthy living, excitable play and overall contentment. By offering healing to our animal friends, we have a means that helps them release energetic blockages held within their physical, emotional and mental bodies. Animals can feel joy and happiness, but also pain, worry and sadness just like us humans do! Healing an animal is similar to healing a child… with a lot of gentleness and sensitivity, because most animals are extremely trusting and their auras can often be vulnerable, particularly in the cases of domesticated pets.

Crystals are also extremely beneficial tools for supporting animals at certain times in their life. Not too long ago, I combined a Reiki treatment with some crystals that I hung from the collar of an absolutely gorgeous dog named Stephanie, who had unfortunately had to go through quite a big operation after swallowing a hazardous dog toy. I’m pleased to say that she has made a full recovery and is back to her normal, happy and healthy self.

I adore animals and am attuned to offer Reiki energy to them… from large animals like horses to smaller ones such as reptiles, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and fish. These forms of energy healing can assist your pet/animal during an illness or injury and from the trauma of being lost and missing upon having been rescued. Reiki can also support them in dealing with life’s changes, emotional traumas and their transition from the physical to the other other side of life. The combination of Reiki alongside my unconditional love will allow the energy to go where it is needed anywhere or within your companion.

(Note :- Even with the benefits of complimentary therapies you should never abstain from the traditional veterinary medical treatments!)



I believe in angels and I ask them for help all the time, even for small things like if I can’t find my keys, phone or purse and they rarely let me down. I understand that if they don’t help me, then it’s something I have to do for myself in order to evolve for my own higher good. There’s been three times which I personally love and were memorable occasions. The first was when I had not received a sign for a while – (normally I find single feathers, see rainbows or hear a specific song play on the radio). But a couple of years ago, on a wet miserable afternoon in November, I wasn’t feeling 100% my best – (to be honest with you it was the ladies time of the month and nine times out of ten I always tend to get a migraine along for the ride) so as you can imagine the last thing I felt like doing was to be at the tyre suppliers from early doors buying stock, but there I was with my husband, both absolutely shattered, drenched and freezing, and all I wanted to do was to be at home having duvet day with a hot drink. So I asked my angel to give me a sign that they were around me… as I find it comforting! within a couple of minutes I stood on it – literally! I felt something under my foot and when I bent down to pick it up, I found a reasonable sized plastic pebble and encased inside it was an angel figurine. Even though it was a bit scratched – it was clear! I said thank you for this amazing gift, and the rest of my day was lovely and calm… with no bad head too! The second occasion was when I was cleaning my house. I was rushing around the place as we were expecting family over for a take-away, and whilst sweeping the landing I found a small metal object, I picked it up and saw it had an angel image on one side of it, and Archangel Raphael written on the other, I’d never seen it before in my life. I asked my daughter if it was hers, then called my parents to see if maybe they had dropped it whilst at mine, but to no prevail… It had come from out of nowhere, but again made me smile! The third occasion was when I was having a really fantastic day… it had just been perfect, so because I felt grateful for it I said thank you to the universe, but just as I did so a big bunch of white feathers drifted down right in front of me. I was surprised because like I said before, I normally receive single feathers, but there were eleven of them all spread out, and the number 11 is meaningful to me. I loved the feathers that much that I wanted to take a photo of them to enlarge for my wall, but because they had landed on the concrete as I was about to get in my van, taking the photo there wouldn’t have done them much justice. So as always, I asked my guide/angels to give me a hand with capturing their beauty, as after taking quite a few photos and playing about with them for a while, none felt right to me. Therefore I quietened my mind and listened to the angels, in doing this I placed the feathers on some flowers in my garden where almost immediately a ladybird flew across and sat on the feathers… So I said ‘cheese’ and got the perfect shot for me… they never cease to amaze me! With angels, all you have to do is Believe, Ask, Receive and say Thank You. On one occasion though I totally ignored my angel’s advice… it was the Summer of 1994 and I was fourteen. My friend and I went for another walk down by the local river as we often did, against everything our parents had ever told us about such places having danger aspects, because we were at that age where we thought we’d be fine and all the rest of it, so we took little notice – (What is it with teens and the magnetism to unknown risks?!) Whilst we were down there on this occasion though, my friend looked up onto the footbridge and saw someone she knew there, so I told her to go up and say ‘Hi’ and that I would wait where I was for her, I did this for a few minutes, when a man aged about 45 came over on his push bike and started talking to me… mentioning all the other people he had seen having fun whilst down there and asked if I had noticed them too, nothing odd in that right? but all the time he was talking to me though, someone else gently yet firmly said to me, ‘You need to watch this man Katie, get away from him, he’s not safe’. So I inconspicuously called my friends name with an excuse for her to pop back down, in order for him to see I wasn’t there alone! With doing this, he said ‘goodbye’ and he rode off on his bike. But instead of listening to the angels advice and getting off the river bank and going home, after I told my friend what had happened we both decided instead to walk in the same direction as he went to see what he was up to… clearly the dumbest move ever I know! But anyway, we both decided that I would go first to look like I was alone…Yep, even dumber I know! followed by her slightly behind, but then it looked like we’d actually lost him as he’d disappeared round the bend. But then I saw something moving in the bushes, so I beckoned my friend a little closer, when all of a sudden, the man stepped out right in front of me with his shorts and pants down whilst masturbating! The minute I saw what he was doing I spun round and we both screamed and ran back up the river bank. That day could have had dire consequences, luckily for us we managed to get home unharmed. Since that day I’ve never chosen to ignore them… You live and you learn! The angels work with your higher self and in conjunction with whatever you spiritually align yourself with, such as Moses, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Buddha and so on. They love to help but cannot step in and assist unless invited to do so, unless they deem it absolutely necessary to intervene on your life’s purpose. Apart from that though ask away!

The Archangels are here to help us bring peace, compassion and love into our lives. They are pure love and are here to remind us that love exists in each and every single one of us. As divine helpers, they act by delivering messages or by helping us when we are in need. Archangels support us through our challenges and help us to navigate a smoother path. If asked – (like I spoke about above) they’ll give you signs that they are with you and love you. these can again, include feathers – (different colours have different meanings) though are predominantly White, getting goose bumps, repeated numbers, finding coins, seeing rainbows, direct messages such as from street signs, butterflies, songs on the radio, or a book with a message in the text, they may also choose to visit you in a dream, or leave a scent, or are seen as shimmers of light which is also a popular sign I get. Or you may even hear them as a voice in your head… offering love, support and guidance. This can often be dismissed though as it’s extremely common to hear them and spirit in your own voice, so try and be mindful of that fact!

On top of my intuition, I have also been attuned to connect with 7 archangels and their respective rays. The light waves for the seven angel colours hold an energy, and carries a vibration that resonates at the same frequency of the angels in which they are connected to, and so by visualising the colour of each archangel the connection strengthens and gets even stronger.

I also work with Archangel Essences, as with Bach Flower Essences these can assist us to regain balance of our emotions. Each Archangel has special qualities to bring you balance and peace and therefore the individual essences can be used alone or in a blend to treat whatever is leading to the imbalance.

Angels are intelligent, powerful, spiritual beings of light energy- (this energy is pure love.) Love is the highest vibration that humans and animals are capable of receiving. Their job is to watch over the human race. They are Gods messenger’s, guides and protectors, and they will do anything to assist you on your life’s journey.  Angels are omni-present, meaning they are able to be in more than one place at the same time, making them able to help many people at once offering healing, guidance and love, so please never feel guilty about asking for their assistance. They are more than happy to help you and others at the same time. Connecting with Archangels is an amazing way to assist you with healing. You don’t need to be a clairvoyant or a medium to experience the joy of angels. The veil that separates us from the angelic kingdom is extremely thin. I regularly ask for advice from my own guardian angel, and often via my angel cards, dowsing rods and pendulums, and like I talked about above have never ever been let down. You don’t have to physically see the angels to know that they are with us, just the knowledge in simply knowing they are around us and that we are never alone brings great comfort, wisdom and healing. They can guide you in the right direction and show you the way on your life path. They can also help rid your life of negativity and give you protection. In fact, the angels can assist you with anything that troubles you because angels always give you what you need!


ARCHANGEL GABRIEL who brings with him a pure WHITE light and whose name means ‘God is my strength’, he is connected to the upper chakras 9-12. Being the Messenger, he is connected to source and spirit, thus acting as a channel for information from the higher realms. Connecting with the upper chakras helps us to see things more clearly, connect with reality and receive assistance from the Divine.

ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL and bringing with him his PURPLE ray of light relaxes us both physical and emotionally and encourages the 3rd eye chakra to open and intuition to be used… A Zadkiel is the angel of truth and enlightenment, helping us see things much more clearly and see beyond the illusion. A Zadkiel helps us to see problems and resolve them before they get too big, freeing us of all negativity and allowing us to achieve our goals and helping us to see new ways of doing things.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and his BLUE ray of light is directly connected to the throat chakra. He protects us and cuts cords and ties that are attached to other people, to events and to past conditioning. He can also help with addictions. Calling upon A Michael is not only a general form of protection but also enables us to speak our truth with empathy and compassion as sometimes it’s difficult to be honest due to fear of hurting someone’s feelings or being judged by others.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL brings with him a GREEN ray of light, this ray is connected to the heart chakra and is widely accepted as the angel of healing. A healthy heart can often be the key to a healthy body as it is the centre of our being and the body is unable to survive when the heart is compromised. Calling upon A Raphael’s assistance can help us to heal on whatever level we need to heal.

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL bringing with him his PINK ray of light. A Chamuel is connected to the upper heart chakra, which is located in the chest above and slightly left of the heart chakra. This is connected to the emotional side of the heart, the love aspects of the person! Calling upon A Chamuel is the key to a happy life, as he can bring love and joy into our lives and help sort out problems in our relationships with our loved ones.

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL and his YELLOW ray of light connects directly with the solar plexus chakra. He can help with changing a negative outlook into a much more positive one. He is the one to call upon to heal misunderstandings with other people and in making good decisions, this is because the yellow ray represents the enlightenment that gods wisdom brings into people’s souls.

ARCHANGEL URIEL bringing the GOLD ray of light, A.Uriel assists with the crown chakra and is the angel of peace and can bring peace and calm to your life and to all your nearest and dearest, as well as assisting with peace throughout the world. Calling upon this angel can bring harmony, love and understanding into your life.

…. To attract and welcome healing from all the Archangels into my room and to clear the space. I always prepare a blend of 100% pure essential oils in my atomiser which again vibrates at the same frequency as the colours of the Angels.



Sound is an audible vibration that is in constant motion. It is made up three important interconnecting elements, called the PULSE, WAVE and FORM, none of these can exist without the other. Together they form a trinity of three elements in action, in order to create one powerful force. Sound and vibration can have amazing or absolutely detrimental effects on our well-being. When we encounter sound and vibration, depending on where the sound is coming from, either a negative or positive resonance occurs, and the bodies delicate cell structure can become affected. Sound has many effects on both conscious and unconscious levels that often evoke emotional responses. It has a counterbalancing action on the physical and emotional states of the body and mind. The power of sound can energise the body when tired, or relax the body by soothing the nervous system when we are angry. It also has a tremendous ability to lift our spirits in times of depression. The body vibrates and requires lots of frequencies to maintain its correct anatomical position, and in doing so creates vital health. The minute your body is out of frequency, energy imbalances occurs and ill health follows. Tuning fork sound therapy is a form of vibrational medicine. Tuning forks are precise instruments that have the ability to change our inner tuning by creating a resonance throughout our body, mind and emotions. They do this by creating a vortex of sound that leads us into STILLPOINT, which is a moment where everything seems to stop and we can re-tune ourselves. Our nervous system, like the string of a musical instrument, vibrates to the sound of tuning forks. Tuning forks work by depending on the individuals need, the appropriate tuning fork is struck and then held by the base at skin point on a specific chakra, and a specific tone or combination of tones may be generated and used in a sweeping motion around the persons aura. Tuning forks are crafted to produce a pure sound, with a regular wave that has a set number of vibrations per second, the sound produced is pure, smooth and regular, and has the ability to re-harmonise and attune the human energy field, and has been used successfully to treat a wide variety of problems by unblocking energy disturbances in and around the body.



Millions of years ago, super heated gases and mineral solutions were forced upwards from the Earth’s core towards the surface. As the molten rock slowly cooled off, the crystals minerals and atom molecules formed regular and orderly patterns that repeated in all directions. This orderly lattice-like structure is what gives them their unique ability to absorb, store, generate and transmit energy. This ability allows Crystals to be used to amplify, direct and balance the flow of life force in your body and its surroundings. Working with crystals is a natural and gentle way to improve your entire overall well-being. Crystals have a subtle but measurable vibration or electromagnetic field as does every object. The regularity of a crystals structure makes this vibration especially coherent and helps crystals to transmit beneficial energy and absorb negative energy, as needed to preserve a healthy balance. I have already spoken about how colour can affect your emotions and one of the most important qualities of the crystals is colour, because of the links between the seven colours of the bodies Chakras, a crystal’s colour energy can be assimilated into your own energy field through your optic nerve or even directly through your skin.


In addition to your healing session, I can also make you a crystal grid which will extend your healing time until you no longer have the need for the continuous energy. A crystal grid is a powerful arrangement of crystals in a geometric pattern that I then charge with energy, in order to achieve a specific goal. Crystal grids help to amplify positive energy to manifest whatever you are wanting in your life, be it a new job, new relationships, more money, a new car, house, holiday etc. Or inner peace and optimal health… basically anything at all! I love making grids and have been doing so for years. When you think of how powerful one single crystal is, you can only begin to imagine how potent lots of crystals can be when placed properly. They are fantastic for helping make your dreams come true and accomplishing your goals.



Is a healing modality developed by Roselyn Watson that I combine with Quantum Touch techniques. and are based on specific breathing and body awareness techniques, that first of all raises my own energy levels to a really high level, and I then entrain you to mirror this frequency which is when your own natural healing process kicks in. For the body to heal and the bones to realign themselves the frequency needs to reach a very high vibration. Andromeda Healing works with the universal laws of resonance and entrainment. When the right energetic conditions are created the body can return to normal balance on all levels.






Healing is a fantastic process which some people misunderstand, I can appreciate how some people think that I and other energy workers heal other people, but we actually don’t. It is extremely important that you realise that ALL healing is SELf-HEALING. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and has the ability to heal itself, when the nutritional, spiritual, energetic and emotional aspects are all ticking along nicely it can aid us to have perfect health, which is the natural state of the body. Although ALL healing is self healing, I can help other people dramatically in boosting their own personal healing process, but I am merely only the conduit for energy to flow through me and into the recipient!



At the start of your healing journey, you might not notice any visible effects that allow you to say that you are feeling better and that your condition is improving. In the world of energy healing you can only go on your own personal experience as to what level of healing has occurred. You might feel mega happy with a greater sense of well – being and joy. You might look at other people, yourself and situations a lot more positively and with your spirit generally lifted whereby you feel at peace within your everyday life. In which case everything is tickety – boo. This is how chakra healing works. It asks that you be aware of yourself and notice how you are feeling, because ‘cure’ happens from the inside out and from the top down!



Being consistent with a therapy helps it to work on your behalf. Changing a modality too soon and not allowing its action to work on your energy system diminishes its effects. Different healing modalities vary in their intensity. Some need to be repeated over a period of time and with others you’ll notice that you feel more positive straight away.



After your treatment you might notice some inner changes before you see external ones. When symptoms move from the top of the body and moves down towards the feet, they are following the ancient law of cure that governs how physical symptoms leave the body.



Whilst you are healing there might be times when you feel really tired. This is the time to allow your body to release old stagnant energy okay, you might need to have a few early nights, a good lie in bed, or a nap throughout your day if you have the luxury to do so, to enable your body to regenerate itself. You may also feel quite emotional too and feel a need to cry, scream or shout to express rage and anger, because whatever has been suppressed will find its way to the surface. Feel comfortable with this as it’s all normal, and in doing so will allow the truth of your emotions to be apparent which will help you heal. In order for the body to redress old wounds and restore balance, it may need to release toxins. This can be done through having a sore throat, cold or flu-like symptoms or diarrhoea and fever. Let your body do whatever it needs to do okay and don’t worry about it. On an emotional level, you may find yourself feeling fed up, angry and irritated. The more symptoms you have appear the greater the detoxification process. In the world of energetic healing you might become aware that your moods, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle and appetite change. Be patient with this and give your body time to correct itself. If however, you feel something isn’t right after a treatment, please feel free to contact me because I think it’s important to talk about something that is changing.



After a treatment – (now you don’t have to do this of course) but if you can take note during your healing process of your dreams and the metaphors they represent for the situations in our lives, as dreams carry psychological content that that can unlock our energy system. If you can keep a diary during your healing it can help you to remember your dreams and reveal important insights.



Each of the chakras resonate with specific foods that carry a vibration that heals and stabilises them. if you wish to change the emphasis of your normal diet, include more of these types of foods: –

ROOT CHAKRA Eat lots of meat, fish, chicken and grains such as brown rice, oats, wheat, Red fruits such as apples, berries, and tomatoes, as they all carry the red energy of the Root chakra. Any of our favourite foods from when we were a child is also amazing for stimulating this chakra, as it serves as a reminder of when our lives were carefree and safe.

SACRAL CHAKRA Eat fish and other sea food, oranges and citrus melons, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash and carrots are all fantastic for the centre. Foods that are sensuous to eat and stimulate the memory of good times are also great.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Eat honey, lemons, pineapples, sunflower and olive oils, eggs and chicken, grapefruit and brown rice are all good for the solar plexus chakra as they’re all easy to digest. Green vegetables are also great as they are good against liver stagnation. Foods that also serve digestion are good for this chakra.

HEART CHAKRA Heart of lamb, beef and chicken are good for the heart chakra, as are sprouts and other greens. Low fat cottage cheese is also recommended. Salmon is also really good as its rich in omega fatty acids which is good for the heart. You should eat foods which are good for the circulation as the heart needs good nutrition to stay strong and healthy.

THROAT CHAKRA This chakra likes foods that are easy to swallow and doesn’t like mucous-producing foods, such as too many sweets, chocolate and dairy products. When the throat is sore lemon and honey is very soothing.

BROW CHAKRA Eating light meals keeps the mind clear. Food that is free of additives, fresh, and high in protein are excellent for the brow chakra. Fish and a handful of almonds are also great for the brain.

CROWN CHAKRA Every so often I fast because I find it makes me grateful when I start eating again, I personally only do one or two days. Fasting is the ‘food’ of the spirit, fasting at the start of each of the four seasons purifies the blood and open the spirit to changing earth, rhythms and patterns.

*Most nights before bed my family and I have a spoonful of Manuka Honey, we find it helps combat a multitude of physical issues. It restores skin tissue, purges the lungs and helps digestion… it is amazing for ALL the chakras.