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Body, Mind and Spirit Event 2/9/18
Our stand at the body, mind and spirit event 2/9/18 at the rugby ground in Armthorpe, Doncaster…
A fantastic day with Sapphire and I meeting some wonderful people! X

Body, Mind and Spirit event Saturday 27/10/18 at the Dome in Doncaster
Sapphire and I had lots of fun and met some amazing people… a lovely day!

Creating My Artwork

Final Framed Portraits

Orbs – 1800’s building South Kensington London
orb pics taken in a 1800’s building in South Kensington London…
what a calm and soothing energy these gave off.. I slept like a baby in that room😍.

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Spirit Orbs

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My Healing Room

My Spiritual Tools

My Personal Angel Signs Photography

My Amazing Children

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Crystal Grids

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