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Hello and a warm welcome to my site, I kindly offer you the opportunity to learn a little bit about me and my personal journey to becoming a Vibrational and Colour Healing Master Practitioner and Spiritually Guided Artist because I feel it’s important that you get an honest impression of me and how I personally think… Why? because I care about YOU.  If you don’t like reading though that’s not a problem at all – (I’ll give you heads up here that this might get long okay, so best make yourself comfortable!) If you haven’t got the time to continue, please then feel free to browse my site and skip to the other pages. For those of you that do carry on though I’ll start by telling you that my name is Katharine Wroe, but everyone who knows me calls me Katie. Secondly, I am an INFJ Empath – (in brief, a person highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings)

When I was a young child I regularly played with a small group of other kids, who were unbeknown to me at the time the spirits of children. I say unbeknown to me because I saw them as solidly as I can see fellow people around me today. However, on one occasion when I was taking my tea-set down to the bottom of the garden to play with them, my mum came out the house and asked me who I was talking to. She then proceeded to ask me if I’d like her to call the parents of my ‘real life’ friends, to see if they were free to come over and play instead. This upset and confused me as even though she was lovely about it I just couldn’t understand what she meant, as I was already having fun with these other children – my friends! It was then that I realised something wasn’t quite right about the situation. It was clear that no one else in my family could see them, never mind have the conversations that I did. My mum was standing to one side of me with the kids to the other, yet she wasn’t aware of them at all… all she could see and hear was me! This confusing scenario to a 5-6-year-old made me wonder if there was something wrong with me, especially when I found myself lying to her when she asked who I was talking to… yet again! I’d say ‘oh it was so and so who lives around the corner, but they had to go home quick’, but then would feel immediately guilty for having said such things. Coincidentally, the conversations and play slowed down until they ceased to happen at all with that particular group of children. Perhaps upon my realisation that they hadn’t been invited and wasn’t supposed to have been in my garden.

It was a few years afterwards that it dawned on me that the kids I used to play with had all been dressed in clothing from different periods of time, from Victorian through to the 1970’s. Yet this was the 1980’s! I never thought to question this at the time though as merely accepted them for who they were – (mates) These events, plus other key ones were an essential awakening for me in realising that there was way more going off in this world, than what people class as so called ‘normal’.

One of the main events I vividly remember having was when the older boy out of the group who was aged about eleven, was standing there taking the mess out of me because I wasn’t allowed into the backings to play. He was only winding me up as he didn’t make me feel like crying or anything like that, I just remember him saying to the other kids, ‘look she has to stay in here and we don’t, whilst laughing’. I told him if I went out of the garden I’d get into trouble off my mum and dad, so they stayed in the garden with me for a bit before leaving. But again, I never asked them why they never said goodbye half the time, as sometimes I’d turn around but there would be no one there from only two seconds prior! Something else which happened to me a couple of times too aged around six was seeing fairies…Yep for the sceptics now laughing, I’m deadly serious. They’re not just a thing of fantasy / ‘fairy tales’, but real. During my childhood we had a pond and a rockery in our garden that was filled with plants and flowers, I’d spend hours in the Spring and Summer months playing with my Barbie dolls next to it as it felt enchanting. But on these occasions I remember sitting and watching the fairies dancing, playing and interacting, whilst I looked down onto them. They looked exactly how they do in story books… tiny little people of both sexes with gorgeous wings! It wasn’t until I got older that I learned that fairies are light spirits and

as real as angels… in fact they are like angels of nature, who live at a different dimension very close to the Earth so they can protect it and all the animals that live here. But they could also have been angels showing themselves as fairies in order to not have frightened me with being so young. When you think about it, if I suddenly looked up and saw a great big vision standing over me, I might have felt scared, whereas fairies are far more acceptable if not welcomed entities to a child. Either way I feel lucky to have physically seen something so magical like I did.

This must run in my blood too because my mum has had several things happen throughout her life also. On one occasion being when she was pregnant with me, she saw an elderly man standing in her bedroom looking at her bump. My great granny who had died before I was born had also shared stories with my dad whilst he was growing up of having had experienced communication from spirit, as did my dad personally. My great granny was also a gifted tea-leaf reader in Port Glasgow during the 1950’s. I used to love watching Unsolved Mysteries on the TV with my dad when I was a kid and chat about all the different things they had all witnessed. It made me realise it wasn’t just me then! In conversations with my mum upon getting a little bit older, she told me that as a baby I used to cry until she turned my bouncer around, where I would then settle down by staring at one particular spot on the corner of our living room ceiling, laughing, gurgling and pointing for ages. Mesmerised by something that she couldn’t see.

On the day that baby picture was taken of me on the 10th December 1979– (further down the page!) you wouldn’t believe that early the next day I would be given less than 24 hours to live and was critical… I look so healthy! That day had apparently been lovely, hence my mum taking that picture of me… as a way to remember it as she’d put up the Christmas decorations. Plus, with it being my first Christmas too it was a special time for my folks. But after she’d fed and put me to bed that evening, my dad came home from work after being on nights and checked up on me at 6:20am as he was about to get into bed, but saw I didn’t look quite right. Feeling concerned they rang the doctor who came out to the house, but in doing so was baffled as to what was wrong with me, so he took me and my mum personally to the Doncaster Royal Infirmary in his car because there was no time to wait for an ambulance, as by then my breathing was being severely affected. Whilst in the hospital I was diagnosed with having Septicaemia – (blood poisoning). I’d been born with a heart murmur too and was generally a sickly baby anyway… I had Whooping cough and all sorts, so was given antibiotics for that and other minor ailments. But a few weeks later when I was still no better my mum took me back to the doctors, but they refused to give me any more antibiotics as they’d insisted I fight it myself… when the reality of the situation was far worse than they’d anticipated! I was lucky because due to limited funds at the time, it was a toss – up between my mum choosing to have a telephone fitted or an automatic washer. She opted for the phone and said she’d manage with the Twin-Tub. Had she chosen the other I’d have possibly crossed over at only 3-month-old, and more over on the day of her 33rd birthday… that wouldn’t have been a nice legacy to leave someone ay?!

Anyway, the seed was well and truly planted and a deep-seated love of Spirituality and all its facets was born, as I realised quickly from an extremely young age that just because something cannot be perceived outside of our 5 senses, doesn’t mean its non-existent. Everything is energy!

In the following years, I had many, many, more paranormal events happen to me, hearing, seeing and sensing spirit. On one occasion I had my ponytail playfully tugged by an unseen force whilst I was brushing my teeth, and on another I kept hearing a knocking on my bedroom window in the middle of the night whilst I was in bed. I presumed it was my elder brother throwing stones up at my window to let him in after a night clubbing and forgetting his key or something, but not wanting to wake up our parents. Yet when I went downstairs and unlocked the door there was no one there at all. But when I got back into bed it would start again. This happened about four times, of me running up and down the stairs until I realised it wasn’t him locked out nor pranking me, as when I put my head around his bedroom door, I saw him fast asleep. Yet the knocking happened a couple of more times as I laid there looking at it… spirit must have been having a right laugh! To be honest I think it was my grandad, because when he was on this side of life he used to knock on the living room window to let him in after coming home from the pub, and on the night I heard the knocking on my window it was the 13th of March… which was the anniversary of his birthday – (actually my dad was born on the 13th of March too and was even delivered by the same midwife who’d delivered his dad years prior… maybe he was wishing his son a happy birthday?! ) Anyway, in a nutshell it was always just a case of me having an inner knowing that I was never alone… but never in an eerie way. I know now it’s just my spirit guide around me. We all have one assigned to assist us from birth, plus we have other ones too who come in to aid us throughout different stages of our lives. But I’m on about my Guardian guide.. the one who’s been constantly with me throughout all my incarnations! As a teenager I also had a brief astral projection experience – (Too long winded to add here!) Also, during my young teens, my friends and I went through a stage of playing with the Ouija board, but with me and my best mate toying with it in the same way as most kids played with Scrabble, absolutely stupid I know! We even went as far as to do a DIY job and made one out of wood, using my dad’s model ship kit material that my mum had got him as a xmas present… erm, I hope he doesn’t read this, as it’s the explanation as to why he never finished it HA, HA! but we were just that excited trying to find out our futures that we didn’t stop to think about the negative energies that we were possibly connecting with, even though we both knew there was a chance. By the way, it did tell us too as it told me that my future husband would be a Scorpio named Ian, 11 years older than me and that we’d live in Sprotbrough. It was quite humorous a couple of years afterwards when I was in the Nightclub at nearly 17 and instinctively knew I had met my Soul Mate… within ten minutes of chatting to him I spat out ‘You’re a Scorpio birth sign and your 27 aren’t you?’ … He was just highly bemused and not scared thank god. Plus, after six years of renting we did finally save enough to buy our own house… in Sprotbrough funnily enough! Unexpectedly too, as we were only using the village as a short cut to get to where our present home was, when we’d stumbled over it for sale and egged each other on to knock on the owner’s door to ask how much they wanted for it… The rest as they say is history!

During one occasion when we were sat playing with the Ouija board on the local playing field, it kept spelling out the words ‘Move, Now, Danger, Warning, Quick.’ Anyhow, just as we had got up and moved, suddenly, a car came speeding off the main road onto the grass, spun round in a circle then skid off again up the dual carriageway. This all happened in the exact same spot we’d been sitting at only seconds prior. God only knows who or why that happened, we always suspected drunk joyriders as it was dark outside, which made it so we were unable to see the occupant of the vehicle. But had we not have taken the boards advice I definitely wouldn’t be sat typing this now! For ages all seemed to be okay with it, fun even! Until we both had an utter feeling of dread, as if we were being constantly followed by something nasty. This lasted about four days and resulted in us both having to tell our parents what we’d been doing, as it frightened the life out of us. We tried to burn the board in the end but it wouldn’t set fire, we tried for ages before stashing it in one of the big bins behind the local shops… it was very unnerving. I personally don’t like the use of them and wouldn’t recommend doing so to anybody, unless you have ground and protected yourself first. I’ve never entertained one since I was a teenager, they just don’t interest me personally. These days I stick with the safety of my angel and fairy oracle cards because I know that I’m only dealing with love and light… their guidance is always from the highest good! I also listen to my spirit guides a lot too and never been let down with their help and support. Subsequently, from all what happened as a youngster, it made me want to spend a lot of time whilst growing up reading a vast amount of books from the local library about all things metaphysical.

As a result of all of that I have a deep love, understanding and unshakeable belief in Angels and Guides – (before continuing, I have written about a few of my own personal angel experiences in the ‘Treatments I offer’ page for those interested)… But anyway, Life After Death, Heaven, ET’s and Reincarnation and of how the two worlds link together… particularly with what happens when the souls of people who are gay or lesbian cross over to the other side of life and from what can be extremely delicate and painful topics of conversation, such as terminations during pregnancy or from suicide. The reason I looked into this was simply down to me wanting answers that sat better with my instincts, which were at odds with some of the more hard line interpretations of certain religions and what some people have had to say on these specific subject matters and how they treat certain people, because even though I am heterosexual myself and neither for or against abortion… being more curious about the souls of such incidences that’s all, not in the moral issues! But whilst I’m on about this I’m guessing that not very many women do it for the shear fun of it, fair enough there’s some ladies who will make the decision to not carry through with a pregnancy as a late contraceptive method, but I think the vast majority of ladies will have chewed themselves up inside out… before and after leaving the clinic and that it will be something that they will carry with them throughout their lives. So, I just found it all really sad and disturbing about the whole Hell thing that’s all, as I’ve had good friends for years who are both gay and lesbian and to be honest they’re some of the best people I know… they personally haven’t got a bad bone in their bodies, which is why I found it frustrating. I thought no way are these people not going to go to Heaven over something as ridiculous as that surely. What originally started all this off for me though, was because a long time ago – (I was only about 14 at the time) I read in the newspaper of how a gay man had killed himself because he felt he couldn’t be honest about his sexuality. He was from a certain community who more than frowned upon same sex relationships. In the letter he’d left behind, he’d written that he was miserable that he couldn’t be honest about his status, he said if his family found out he was gay they would disown him for bringing shame onto the family. This gutted me to be honest with you, especially when you consider what day and age we were/are! Because, here we had a fantastic, kind, talented young man who’d been a pillar of the community and all round amazing person by all accounts, who wasn’t with us anymore, technically down to being bullied into living a lie. What a shame! His family were of the notion that it was a sin to be gay and thought if you were a man engaging in sexual activity with another man, then you would go straight to Hell and all that jazz. So, he simply hid his true self away, until one day he made the painful decision to leave here. This made me question how many other people had done the same thing from similar circumstances too. How thoroughly heart breaking I tell you that. I know it takes all sorts of people to make the world go round, but I personally do not give a damned what someone looks like, what religion they are, what they do for a living, their skin colour, language they speak, bank balance, or what vehicle they use to get from A to B in – (unless it’s a UFO, in which case I’d be seriously impressed!) and I especially don’t care about who they choose to be in a relationship with. I don’t judge anybody by any of those things. Who am I to do that? I’m on this journey like everyone else!

In fact, I’m of the opinion that with all the hate and sadness in this world and what’s going off around it, such as all the atrocious terrorist attacks and wars, plus poverty, child abuse and animal cruelty… to name but a few, that if someone finds someone they truly love, who loves and respects them back in the same way then it’s got to be absolutely something to celebrate… bring on the bubbly! So instead of feeling the need to hide yourself away, and your partner too just because you are the same sex, you should be in a predicament to get out the closet and live it out loud, with a feeling of pride over your fantastic connection with someone instead of ducking and diving with it. Sadly, I know things aren’t that black and white and there’s a million and one reasons why people feel that they can’t be honest. If anyone reading this understands what I’m saying with regards feeling stigmatised over their sexuality, I hope that one day soon you’ll be free to do what you want, when you want. Fingers crossed! I think the world has come a really long way with regards to the LGBT community… thank goodness. Do I think it’s enough though? Sadly, NO I don’t!

There’s a lot of lonely people in this world of all ages and walks of life who unfortunately don’t have anyone to talk with at all. The internet and social media is amazing for keeping in touch with others when you live a fair distance away. It’s a great invention for a million and one reasons, don’t get me wrong, but like with most things there’s also a negative too, as it has a superficial side to it which I personally don’t find satisfying due to emotions often being lost in translation and lacking a certain depth. I prefer to hear people laugh out loud over reading ‘LOL’ any day of the week. Having face to face connections with others is paramount to our health, as loneliness can often lead to issues like disturbed sleeping patterns, stress, substance abuse and again, suicide.  So, if you do have a significant other, whether your LGBT or not. Try and see yourself as one of the lucky ones, as there’s absolutely nothing sinful about two people in love and sharing the up’s and downs of life together. Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed or embarrassed about who you are. If people choose to sneer then maybe it’s a case that they are deeply upset within themselves. Therefore, they should focus all their attention where it’s paramount and look closer as to the reasons they act that way, instead of trying to inflict pain on innocent people with vindictive, inappropriate and inflammatory words and actions in order to make themselves feel superior. If you come across this type of behaviour and it’s clear it’s not just a case of having fun and banter with you… but at you! let it go straight over your head and let’s both agree you are better than that okay? Send them healing and positive thoughts – easier said than done for some people I know!

But just try and smile to yourself and move forwards with your life. Sometimes the best way to deal with some people and situations is as simple as just thinking two little words… ‘F**k it’ and then carry on your way – (Yes for those people who didn’t know that is a real therapy and one I wholly recommend!) In my book that goes for any kind of bullying… under any circumstances!!

How can love, be it giving or receiving ever be deemed as being wrong?

Teenager’s over use of smartphones and iPads etc has risen dramatically and it’s sad but true that the kids who do use social media for hours at a time are more likely to have suicidal thoughts or actions than the kids/teens who just use it for just an hour or so, because by being addicted to their phones it creates over exposure to other people’s so called ‘perfect’ lives and wanting their 15 minutes of fame, plus other people’s depression, anxiety and sadness resulting in feelings of having no escape at all from bullying one way or the other… it can be constant! Loads of teenagers have opened up about feeling upset beyond words, hopeless, or thinking about, planning or physically attempting suicide, with some of these being successful. A lot of which are by young girls but has increased with boys over time as well. It’s a shame but the kids of today who are always talking on some social media platform or other are a lot more depressed than the kids who used social media less frequently or not at all. Due to its quickness, anonymity, or just acting hard from behind a screen due to not having the balls to say things face to face etc has proven to have huge potential for bullying which is causing a great deal of harm. Like I said social media can be awesome or it can have disastrous consequences when young/immature minds are over-exposed to stuff they shouldn’t be seeing… it kind of promotes stuff like self-harm, suicide and suicide pacts and all the rest of it instead of preventing it. To be honest if I could turn back history I would, as I’d create a balance between the positive and negative effects of social media and of how long we use it for because as it stands whether we like it or not were exposed to absolutely everything.. both nice and nasty!

Just to quickly add here, I believe the souls who end their own physical life DO NOT go to Hell as some people think/say. Neither do the souls of gays, lesbians, bisexuals or people of transgender. For goodness sake I find that whole concept as outrageous as thinking that neither will the souls of people who have tattoo’s and piercings, wear their socks in bed, enjoy a Sunday roast, or (Cue the dramatic music)… drives a white van, oh the horror. Well if that was the case it’d be game over for me and my Transit!

The afterlife vibrates at different frequencies, so when a person crosses over they are all welcomed as equal entities, they are not judged or condemned. They are then shown a slide show of their life, both good and bad and also feel the pleasure and pain in which their actions and words had brought. You in short evaluate yourself and then it’s a case of what outweighs what, nice vs nasty. So, if someone has been an evil, cruel, and a down right horrible person here on Earth – (being diplomatic there!) Then upon crossing over he/she sees the pain that they had bestowed, but upon doing so aren’t affected by it very much or even don’t care what they did at all. Then they resonate at the level they are comfiest with alongside similar minded souls, and this is nowhere near the loving arms of god/source – (or whatever you like to call the big guy!) Likewise of the souls who are genuinely remorseful after seeing their life review, they are given the opportunity to amend this and are able to work towards the higher realms. I know which side of the fence I’d rather be on though!

Seriously now, these are not conclusions that I dreamed up overnight or from reading a book by Sally Morgan… although I do think she’s absolutely brilliant! But more from years of reading extensive material written by trained Psychologists, Doctors, many Psychic Mediums and literally hundreds of real life accounts of people’s Near-Death Experiences, to enable me to understand more about my own experiences and connections with Spirit and elemental energies etc. I believe that the souls of the people who decide to cut short their own lives go to a very special waiting area on the other side before going fully into the light, let’s call it the ‘spirit hospital’ for healing, but not though any medications or drugs as we do here on the Earth plane, as they simply aren’t needed – (by the way neither are wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, hearing aids and glasses etc, for the same reasons.) They are instead healed and helped to understand their actions through pure unconditional love and are surrounded by their loved ones and are okay. So please don’t worry if you thought anything other! Unlike what some religious writings claim – (and I do wholly appreciate that we are all different and that’s okay, I’m not having a go at other people who think differently to myself. Nor am I rubbishing what their belief systems are, or of their entire lack of one even) As the beauty of all creation is our differences! I have many friends of ALL religions, and all of them are fabulous people, getting on with their own lives, treating people in the way in which they like to be treated themselves, which is with acceptance and kindness!

I myself was christened a Presbyterian as a baby in Scotland. The only one out of the five of us siblings to be so, as they’re all Church of England. This was due to the fact that we were living in England but we were going on holiday to Scotland. So, my parents decided to get me christened whilst we were up there visiting, in order for my family to easily attend the occasion. Therefore, my Uncle through marriage who was a Protestant, just booked the Presbyterian minister to christen me at his house without really even thinking anything more to it. My mum and dad were both relaxed when it came to religion so weren’t fussed about it either, all they cared about was the fact I was christened full stop. Anyway, all my dad’s fathers side of the family and his parents were all Protestant and his mother and all her side of the family were all Roman Catholic, but my grandad chose through love to turn his coat from being a Protestant to a Catholic when he married my Granny, which was a massive deal in Scotland in the late 1930’s, he was practically disowned by nearly all her brothers. Consequently though, this obviously made my dad a Catholic also but he never practiced it, he just treats people how they treat him, and when he met my mum who’s a Christian, it wasn’t on either of their radars to care about it. Plus, they both found it a lot more chilled out in England in comparison to how he’d known it prior to moving here. According to my dad England didn’t seem strict at all about things like that. Though my dad’s grandma and whom he adored and says was like an angel when she was alive, lived and breathed the Roman Catholic faith. Due to her own kids having already died, she was taken in by the nuns in old age where she died in the Convent in Greenock aged 98. I can fully see why religion was a major part of living in those days in Scotland, but none of it ever influenced me… It was nothing personal.

Like I mentioned beforehand, in all honesty I don’t care what religion anyone else is either, I think that whatever someone finds comfort in is entirely up to them. Someone could worship the ground that Homer Simpson walks on for me… good on you if you do, we all have free will, I just live and let live! I just fell into spirituality naturally as one would expect with the things that I have experienced. So, I’m just asking for and would appreciate the same courtesy with my opinions too please!


But following on from what I was saying beforehand, I personally believe that not just some, but ALL the souls who do not make it into the physical world due to a termination of pregnancy, are briefed and well prepared on the fact they may not be born into the human form, and they fully 100% understand ‘why’ and they love and respect that decision. Thus, simply going back home in order to be born at another more appropriate time right for them… maybe even to the same woman if/when the time is right for her. Time in Heaven is not the same as we view time here, 90 years on Earth is like a nanosecond over there. So again, anybody who struggles internally with what happens in this circumstance, due to other people’s clashing view points, or what their childhood and social conditioning has instilled in them. Then please stop if you can, and release any feelings of guilt, sorrow and pain to God, safe in the knowledge that everything was planned and understood on the other side of life… well before the point of conception!

Likewise, with the other topic of conversation, god loves us all equally and he does not discriminate who goes to Heaven, especially over people’s sexual preferences – (I’m smiling here writing this as I can’t get my head around him doing anything other.)

It’s the same with suicide victims, they too upon crossing over are made fully aware in remembering the contract they made with god before being born. In that their life may become very difficult here, and so may in turn experience something that will make them decide to cut their own physical life short. Again, in which case when they cross over they go from upon being healed with love as I mentioned above, to then the ‘spirit school’ to learn how to cope with and handle things differently for if they choose to come back to Earth. Or they might decide to help others being born who will be experiencing the same kind of issues as themselves, by becoming a guide for them. I’m calling it the ‘spirit school’ because the soul is forever learning and evolving… in the spiritual sense! Either way, whichever way a person goes over to the other side, their soul is extremely loved and happy there… beyond all imagination!


Moving on….. Dream Phenomena, NDE’s, OBE’s, and Astrology and Astronomy have also been of great interest to me over the years, and in the last few years I have become deeply fascinated in the differences between Soul Mate and Twin Flame relationships and learned quite a lot of interesting facts that I can support you with. Likewise, with regards to certain number synchronicities like 222, 333, 444, 555 etc and especially the special meaning of the number 17 and the 11:11 phenomena – Very interesting stuff, if you find yourself glancing at the clock at the same time – once again! there is a reason for this and not just a coincidence… the synchronicity of numbers can be noticed anywhere… telephone numbers, car registration plates, addresses and dates.. numbers are everywhere, and our Spirit guides and angels use certain numbers as tools to communicate with us as they can’t pick up the phone and call us for a chat Ha, Ha, but this way they have a means that enables them to draw our attention to numbers that have a clear meaning that the universe has something in store for us… So, pay attention!

My personal life path numbers are both Master Numbers of 11/2… indicative of a inspirational and intuitive healing ability which uplifts and inspires others. This was backed up and massively elaborated on by the fabulous Master Numerologist Stephen Kirkbride and his work partner David Orrey…  Omg these guys are seriously brilliant and I highly recommend them if you want a real in depth personalised numerology reading… they’re wizards who will no doubt blow you away!

From reading, researching and experiencing such things throughout my life, I know how blessed I am to have had such a glimpse through the veil. Moreover, it all made me absolutely fearless of death… I am categorically without a shadow of a doubt not scared of dying at all. I view the human body merely as a vehicle for the soul to move around the Earth, in the same way that the physical body uses a car, train, bus or plane. I also believe that when the soul crosses over to the other side of life, that it’s sometimes the best form of healing there is, due to it being freed from the constraints of the human form. Death is quite simply the transition from one form into another. I fully accept the saying that ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience’.

When we have learned all we came here to do – (Whatever that may be for our individual development!) we then leave this Earth and go back to our spiritual home. Similar to how a child goes to nursery here on Earth, then goes up to first school, secondary, then high school and college then finally university until they graduate. Well, I view death as something that occurs when the soul has come here to learn and has finished all they had to do, with death being simply the graduation process. Their purpose having been for their own development, to aid someone else’s, or both. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate and know how losing someone we love dearly can change a person’s life forever, or the pain and agony that such a loss inflicts, because with a strong faith in the afterlife or complete zero faith in the afterlife I know that losing someone we love is truly agonising, it can be a total game changer as it stings beyond all words. I just want to try and give anyone reading this reassurance in that their loved ones in Heaven are loved and are okay, and moreover are always around you, they’re only a thought away. The quicker you can realise this the happier you will feel. By being happy yourself it helps your loved ones soar in the spirit world too. They know when you are sad, which makes them feel sad too. It’s only the human body what has died you see, the essence of the person is intact and alive. So instead of them being able to explore Heaven and take in all their vividly gorgeous surroundings, all they can concentrate on is you down here grieving, and the low vibrational frequency you are resonating at. Seriously my friend it’s the last thing in the world they want for you. The quicker you can start living your life again after a loss and enjoy the good stuff life brings, the better. The second you think of them, they are by your side. You might sense this but if you can’t it doesn’t mean they are not there. They see and know everything… Don’t worry though, they don’t stand in the toilet with you when you’re having a number two, if they never did when they were here, they don’t suddenly change personality or start invading privacy… Or do they Muahahaha? just kidding! They never do that as they love and respect you. They are also at every special occasion you have, partying and celebrating with you. They don’t miss anything, if they pop in your head at any such event, it’s merely them saying ‘hello, I’m here’. Take it as a sign that they are sharing in your fun and laughter.

Another way our loved ones and animals/pets visit us is through our dreams, if you have dreamed of someone in spirit, notice how healthy, happy and vibrant they looked… younger too sometimes. Don’t pass these dreams off as being nothing, they were real connections. Our souls travel when we dream which allows us to connect with the ones who have crossed over, as we meet at a vibrational level that is similar to our own. Five years ago I unfortunately suffered a miscarriage, now even though we’d planned and wanted a biggish family, this soul came when it wasn’t personally the right time for us – our twins were only 9 months old at the time! God knows what we were expecting, after all if you have unprotected sex you don’t usually end up with a new fridge 9 months later do you? but having said that there was no reason whatsoever why we couldn’t proceed with the pregnancy… we had everything both pink and blue which I had started folding up to one side to accommodate this new soul, it was all just a matter of waiting to welcome the new arrival into the nut house we call home. We were really excited, we knew it wouldn’t be easy but I was up for the challenge of where to put three little ones in the supermarket trolley, and all the rest of it. But sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. One night though two years after, I dreamed of a little boy… I knew who he was straight away, without even knowing what sex the baby had been before we’d lost him – (we’d planned on keeping the sex as a surprise!) He was with my Great Grandma who I recognised from old family photos. She was holding his hand, and she told me they’d named him Teddy on the other side… after her son! We were still thinking of boy’s names due to the fact that when I was carrying our twins, we were told it was two boys we were actually expecting, so we decided on the names and told our family that we would be calling them both this, that and the other. The names we’d chosen were in memory of the men from both my side of the family and my husbands. However, when we went for a private 3D scan later on in the pregnancy, we saw that one of the babies was actually a little girl instead, which meant we’d be letting someone down who’s names we’d be having to drop. But come the end we didn’t have the heart to, which meant our son was given both boys names… six in total, all together they’re quite a combination – don’t ask! I’m just going to prey he grows up with a thick skin! but it meant we were back to the drawing board with regards to a fitting name for the new baby, when sadly we lost him. I was pleased with the name Teddy though… Bless the afterlife, they’re awesome! Had he had stayed here and been born we would have called him Jules… a male name but with a twist on the word jewel! In my visit he was smiling broadly at me and looked just like his siblings. When I think of him I sense him around me immediately, and it reminds me to do fun stuff with the family so he can join in the good times. I’ve also heard him running across our landing too, we have wooden floors so they’re really unmistakable. There’s been a few times that I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night and shouted to ask the kids why they’re out of bed, only to hear the footsteps again, but upon going to tuck them back in I’ve found they’d not been out of their beds. But Teddy would then come into my mind, alongside a familiar warm feeling I receive when he’s around, he’s a cheeky monkey. I’m sure he just finds it funny making me lose my precious sleep lol Zzzzzzz

On another note entirely, I just realised that I’m still talking about the same subject… In all honesty I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg with this area, as if I did this would easily be a 700-page book as things happen all the time. I best crack on………!

So, going back a little bit now, when I was twelve years old I started going into town shopping with my friends, where I’d insist on going to the Blue Banana on Silver Street. Which at the time was just a little new age/holistic shop that we’d stumbled across by accident. It was there that I held my first crystal… a Smokey Quartz – (pictured) The minute I picked it up my fingers tingled. At first I thought I’d imagined it, but then when I felt it again I knew I’d felt something ‘undeniably real’ that I couldn’t ignore or stop thinking about, it just blew me away, so I bought it… instead of the adidas trainers I was actually given the money for – I don’t think my mum and dad were at all surprised to be honest. After this though, I would go most Saturday’s with my pocket money to buy 3-4 tumble stones, resulting in more often than not a reaction or two from them, such as a heat or cold sensation. From this I absolutely fell in love with crystals and gemstones and became a total enthusiast. I’d spend ages cleansing and charging them up, before placing them around my bedroom. The joy these crystals gave me through their aesthetic beauty alone, and which I still have in my collection today, was and still is immense, some of which are 25 years old and sadly look it too, due to enduring five house moves. But my heart won’t let me discard them due to the memories they hold. It was my love of the crystals which spurred me on in wanting to help my friends and family benefit from their healing powers as a youngster, regularly using my wands, pendulums and crystals on them. It was actually in the Blue Banana a year later, as I was leaving the place, that a Chakra poster on the wall caught my eye, so I turned and said to the guy behind the counter ‘excuse me but what do those coloured circles represent on that figure please? and when he briefly told me, I said to him with a frown, ‘that’s just gone straight over my head’… as you can imagine at only thirteen. He laughed and said ‘here, read this and you’ll get it’… whilst handing me a book, I gave him £5 as the book was £8 and went home and read it from front to back. That’s how I initially learnt where to position the crystals instead of using just my intuition.

I loved them that much that during a chat with my High School Career’s Officer, I told him I wanted to work with them once I had left school. But suddenly his eyes widened and his mouth fell open, and as if he was sat across from the Wicked Witch of the West he said in a derogatory fashion ‘Nooooo chance Miss Magee’ followed up with ‘That’s not a real job that Katharine, it can only ever be a hobby, your best off working in the creative industry’ – (going on the fact that I’d been in the newspaper days prior, for becoming a prize winner in the Doncaster’s Young Inventors competition after I’d designed a tap turner for disabled people. The competition had been organised by the Doncaster Round Table Club – as part of my GCSE Art and Design coursework) so I feel he was going on that! He said I should do that or become a nurse so I could help people that way… which was always going to be a no-go due to my needle phobia, weirdly though I’ve made the exception for the odd bit of Botox, which doesn’t bother me at all, nor does visiting the Dentist! Got to be honest though I’m a lot better these days, although it does still take me longer than it should do to get through a blood test, it’s those intravenous cannulas I can’t stand… I’m fearless of dying but hate them… go figure! Right back to that Careers Officer of mine. He said -what he did, and so that was that. Done! So, I unleashed my flying monkeys on him! Joking aside, to say I felt deflated at the time was a complete understatement. But I took what he had said as gospel as you do when you’re that young and naive. Plus, at the time he kind of proved to be right too, because I was so young and at that point wasn’t even old enough to learn how to drive, there was nowhere accessible to me who ran accredited courses, there were only people like myself who were practicing for fun etc. But talk about enthusiasm, he offered me as much support as Disney’s Goofy could have mustered up, it was like he’d looked at some notes written by my teacher and in a five – minute meeting with me ran with those instead of hearing me out… I found his rudeness astonishing. But it gave me something bigger in the end, which is a strong ability to listen to what my own children’s desires, wants and needs are. Seriously whatever they choose to be in later years, as long as they’re safe, happy and content and don’t trample on others to achieve their goals, it will never be dismissed by me. I think encouragement is a powerful tool in helping young ones learn to navigate through life confidently. You know what? as a parent it’s hard isn’t it? The majority of us mum’s and dad’s just want to see our kids flourish, so we try our best. But sadly sometimes for utterly unbeknown reasons, and against all the will and love in the world by us for them to grow into happy young adults, they can just take the complete wrong direction – (nothing at all to do with their upbringing!) until they can get that lost they struggle to find their way back again. If their life plan is meant to go that way though, as cruel as it is, basically we may be left with no other option, other than to have to stand by and have the equivalent of front row seats to a horror movie, because sometimes there’s absolutely nothing we can do to stop it or help. It’s our instinct to want to give them the tools to handle things in the clean and proper way, but at times they don’t want to listen, or their own life path takes their course, which eventually leaves only one person who can sort it all out in the end… THEMSELVES, at whatever point hopefully triggers the change, it could be when they have unfortunately hit rock bottom, then the only option left is back up… in which case we can aid them in turning a corner through love. Love is the key to everything!

Around the time of my careers meeting, aged fifteen – (shown on the photo below) I would often come home from school and by the time I had eaten my tea and watched a bit of TV… mainly a show called Blossom which I’d race home to watch, because I thought it was brilliant, but by the time that had finished I was practically falling asleep, I couldn’t be bothered to go out with friends who called for me etc. Yet later in the evening upon getting changed out of my school uniform which was navy blue and black, and into my predominantly yellow dressing gown, within ten minutes I was wide awake whereby I’d sit up through the night doing my homework and listening to music. I had an instant energy surge! It wasn’t long before I put two and two together in realising that it was the colours that were affecting my mood and energy levels, and not just a coincidence. Wearing really dark clothing for hours on end was obviously draining me! so I started doing little experiments on myself to see for sure. If I wore bright red for instance, although it made me feel more energetic, excited and stimulated, it was useless for night time. So, I purposefully bought green nightwear which enabled me to feel more peaceful. Due to this realisation I did some research and learned to understand that colour automatically creates subconscious responses in us on all levels, and how to use the energy of colour to promote a good balance and better all-round well-being for myself. After completing my A. levels in Art and Design Technology in the sixth form, the natural progression I felt at the time was to specialise in clothing as an opportunity to explore further the colour aspect of the clothes we wear, alongside my love of art – (kill two birds with one stone so to speak.) So, I went onto The School of Creative Arts at Doncaster College to study a BTEC National Diploma and an HND in Fashion Design. After which I was offered a job designing ladies club/evening wear for a company in Doncaster, but what started off as a gap year plan in my head turned into three years in reality, as I enjoyed it that much. Here, I deliberately designed collections based round the colours of ‘visually slimming and elegant black’ and ‘attention grabbing and empowering red’ and experienced again the changing moods of the ladies upon trying the garments on, and how their confidence swiftly grew from looking quiet and uncomfortable to instantly standing taller and edgier… generally just more confident. From there I went to Huddersfield University where I obtained a BA Honours Degree in Fashion Design. It was there that I wrote my final dissertation on ‘The colour of clothing and the effects this has upon the human body’. Like I said earlier, my research alongside my own personal experiences that I talked about previously proved that you choose your clothes from how you feel subconsciously. For example, how many times have you gone in your wardrobe and thought ‘OMG I have absolutely nothing to wear? Even though you probably have a wardrobe heaving with clothes, plus half your partners space too! This could be because at the time of buying them, you probably felt that way on the inside also, but now you don’t. It is because our moods are forever changing, they simply never stay the same! Suppose for instance you had a really rubbish day but were invited to a party that same evening, consequently finding yourself in the shops for an outfit last minute, and whilst there you end up choosing a grey dress/shirt. It’s because you may have been feeling ‘grey’ at the time due to the dismal day you’d had. So, when you saw the grey item in your wardrobe a few weeks later you thought of how suppressive and cold it looked hanging there, thanks to this day in question having had gone brilliantly, which resulted in you now being turned off by the grey in favour of wanting to wear something fun and bright instead, like yellow for instance. Therefore, it’s not just a case of you not having anything to wear, rather it’s a case of you not having the colour you need at hand right now. Sometimes the colour you need in your life could be the colour you hate the most, but upon wearing it you realise your mood has lifted dramatically. This is due to each colour having both a positive and negative aspect to it, E.g. if we look at the colour blue, it is a colour of loyalty, security and trust, but on the flip side can depict masculinity and coldness. Basically, the colours we wear are a reflection of how we are feeling emotionally and mentally and represents whatever we are going through at the time. When we start feeling physically sick it’s because parts of our aura are vibrating at a different colour frequency, or don’t have that colour in it at all. In most cases this starts off within the emotional body which is where our stress levels and feelings are registered. If these imbalances aren’t found and put to rights then it can lead to a physical disease.

Obviously, there are some conditions where medical intervention is extremely paramount, so must have conventional medical attention. Please never forego your GP under any circumstances!!

The human body can also succumb to disease from pollutants in the air and from eating food that has been devitalised. This kind of stuff over time makes the energy in our bodies almost stagnant, which prevents the free flow of universal life force energy. But this can all be helped though with the appropriate use of colour and vibrational therapy. Breathing in fresh air and eating healthy food will also obviously pay dividends for your overall health. The physical body is basically a mirror of all of what is happening at the subtle levels of ourselves.


Moving forwards… after the eight years that I had already invested in the fashion industry – (the pic on the left showing me and my friends during Paris fashion week 1999) The next academic route for me was to go on to do a Master’s degree in this field, but I knew deep down that I’d had enough of fashion… I’d outgrew it, I also knew that by the end of it all I wouldn’t be working with people in the way I desired to do so or would be creating the type of art I wished to. Even though I appreciate the way we dress can have a positive or negative impact on our mood, thus affecting our confidence and self-esteem… we all know how great we feel when we look nice on the outside don’t we? but I wanted to dig deeper. ‘Enclothed cognition’ being another study that I found interesting at one point. But designing and style consulting wasn’t the avenue I personally wanted to go down forever. I knew that chromotherapy alongside my knowledge of crystal healing and other energy healing modalities was where I wanted to focus my attention. My love and understanding of energy per se was where my heart lay. I just felt that I could benefit other people by addressing the ‘whole’ of the person. At which point I came to a crossroads in my life, where I could have carried on the route I was on, which for me was the one that would have brought me the least happiness long term, having already turned down a lucrative design job offered to me based in London the previous year, as I just didn’t feel it… I felt I’d have no balance in my life, almost as if I’d be married to the job with something else being jeopardised along the way, which I didn’t feel was healthy for me. Personally, for me there’s more to life than monetary gains… Abundance comes in many forms! The Design/Fashion industry is extremely hard work, it’s not at all easy and glamorous, what goes off behind the scenes can be really stressful. I found it too cut throat and competitive… the two things that I’m not! I have an all-round creative personality and find extreme amounts of pleasure in art, design, and all kinds of different acts of creative expression, which was the only aspect of the job apart from my work colleagues and clients that I found really fulfilling towards the end. I appreciate all styles of art, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do it, nor do I think it needs to be a marketable product, for me art is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Whether that’s through sculpture, music, sketching, jewellery making, cake making, knitting and sewing or whatever it is you enjoy doing, no one even needs to see it… it’s just beneficial to your health and feels fulfilling. My kitchen wall is full of my five-year old’s drawings… they liven the place up and they make me chuckle. When I was a kid myself, I would spend an obscene amount of hours copying and drawing the pictures from the free movie posters and the Ladybird books, such as The Three Little Pigs, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Three Billy-Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood. Plus, all the characters from The Munch Bunch, Muppet Babies and The Get Along Gang. Rainbow Brite, The Ewok’s from Star Wars… especially Wicket… I must have drawn a thousand times! I’d spend ages drawing them out really big before even thinking of adding colour… I was a stickler for making sure the proportions were just shy of perfect. I did this usually on the back of old or left-over cuts of a roll of wall paper that I’d manage to scout. If it wasn’t spot on I’d throw it away and start over. All this perfectionism kind of paid off for me in my eyes-( I’m a typical Virgo!) as in 1989 Barclays Bank ran a painting competition for Comic Relief, via all the UK’s schools whereby I won second prize for a clown I had painted really big, I won a Barclays Goody Bag and received a very ‘grown up’ official letter from the Bank thanking me for entering, which was the best part for me lol. Even though I was really young I was that concerned with scaling up the pictures correctly that around the time of that competition aged 9, I developed Alopecia Areata. I had five – six bald patches on my head and when my mum took me to the doctor’s after the first one seemed to have appeared overnight, he told her he thought I must be stressed… even though there’s not much scientific evidence to prove he was right, my immune system was definitely down through it all, probably because I laid awake at night worrying over it which made the condition worse. I remember sitting on my bed early one morning thinking ‘This is it, I’m going to be going to school soon looking like MAC from the movie ‘Mac and Me’ – (pictured) I laugh about it all now as over the years I’ve gone completely the other way – I’m that laid back I’m horizontal, but at the time it felt horrible. With the bald patches, plus before that my Simple Jack fringe and plastic NHS glasses with a patch, I was a sight to behold for a good few years I can tell you. Because the glasses were free too, I had them in every colour of the rainbow… maybe that was a sign I was to do Chakra healing HA. HA! seriously though, Barry Humphries would have been convinced I was modelling myself on his character Dame Edna Everage… apart from my ‘face furniture’ had a lens covered! The patches back then weren’t nice and funky like they are these days, mine was just like a giant blister plaster. I’ll never forget my dad drawing a daft looking eye on the patch when I’d fallen asleep on the sofa… having a laugh! But my mates/kids from off and around my road called round to see if I wanted to play a game of Tag up the backings of my house, and I’d jumped up and answered the door like that. They were howling and I didn’t have a clue why. I reckon if I was a building I’d have been condemned.

I was given a set of poster paints for the Christmas following the hair loss, and realised how using both mediums together helped me receive healing in a different way to what my felt-tips did, I found drawing and then painting really meditative and soothing to me… and my hair made a complete recovery too! I also felt a strong connection to my spirit guide during these times too, whereby I would be clearly told and/or at others would simply ask for his divine guidance regarding whether to add a certain colour to the picture or not and would receive a flow of ideas and loads more creative energy. I also used to… and still do now, paint without drawing anything to begin with at all, I just completely zone out and paint intuitively, as a youngster though my mum and dad at first just saw these paintings as making no real sense and of being just vibrant and almost abstract workings… basically me just having fun making glorified doodles and getting dirty with the paint, so threw them in the bin not realising the process I created them under as they lacked a certain quality in their eyes in comparison to what I copied out of the children’s books. I paint a lot of angels this way too and also images of Heaven… I fully relax with my Reiki music quietly playing and just let the brush do all the work. The results being lovely, even though they aren’t controlled or perfect depictions, being more free flowing in nature. Going back a couple of years prior to that… aged seven or so and in primary school. The teacher would often split the class in half so we could take it in turns to either sit on the carpet and read or create art, with us swapping over after a certain amount of time. During one of these sessions though I went into almost a trance like state and colour sketched three ladies in detail, all wearing World War One nursing uniforms with a red cross on the chest area, a voice came through and told me it was myself in the middle and that I cared for Tuberculosis patients during my last life time, and that I will be touched by TB in this lifetime too, but would be okay. I hadn’t seen these costumes before, nor had I studied that particular time in history. My teacher was that enthralled by what I had drew and told her, that she went and got three of the other teachers/staff to come into the class to also take a look at my picture, before all walking me down to the Head Masters office to show him as well… all whilst making a big fuss out of it and me. They even framed the picture too and hung it in his office. Obviously, life moved forward and I moved up into the middle school, I haven’t a clue what happened with the picture after that. But when I was 21 I had past life regression therapy at a Body, Mind and Spirit event and there I was, looking not far dissimilar to as I do today in this lifetime… an older version of what I was at the time and with long dark hair pinned up… very much like the picture I had drew fourteen years earlier! At the age of 27 I then saw a Medium who explained again about one of my previous lives being that of a nurse, and that I died before the age of 40 from TB whilst selflessly nursing people with that condition, and reiterated once again that my life would be upset over this, but that I would be alright and will receive two special things as a result of it. Then a few years afterwards my husband contracted TB himself…  god knows if it had laid dormant for years or how he even got it, but we did a lot of travelling abroad when younger so it could have been from anywhere, he had it for two and a half years with it repeatedly being misdiagnosed as asthma, it was a frustrating and awful time for all the family, resulting in him being bed bound for three months and unable to leave the house… basically quarantined, and which left him with a semi-collapsed lung, but here’s where the ‘two special things’ arise from, as that’s the period our twins were conceived in! Fortunately my results came back from the doctor as being fine, but our eldest daughter had it latent in her body so was given antibiotics as a result to ensure it never took hold like it did her dad, our twins were also vaccinated at six months old too as a precautionary measure.

Anyway, between my poster paints and watching every episode of Hartbeat I must have fried my mum and dad’s brains… bless them. Tony Hart was a total star and he inspired me tons as a kid, as did the American artist Bob Ross – (featured in the pic here) and the re-runs of his show ‘The Joy of Painting’… His happy demeanour, enthusiasm and his saying of ‘we don’t make mistakes; we just make happy accidents’ in reference to painting, I found charming… he was a very talented guy. Even though I don’t personally work with oil paints nor do many landscapes paintings I found him a genius at what he produced. My love of art progressed further in my late teens and early twenties after having had life drawing classes and through having to draw fashion illustrations to communicate my ideas visually, whereby I was heavily influenced at the time by Japanese Manga. I’ve also been extremely fortunate in my life to have had the opportunity to visit many art galleries/museums… from both world famous to much smaller ones exhibiting the work of the locals from within the UK. Plus, most of Europe, the Caribbean, and Mediterranean as well as Egypt and America for fun and inspiration and to see the best of the best in the flesh. The Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art in San Juan is my personal favourite though. The movements I love are Pop, Contemporary, Modern & Post Impressionism, Surrealism and Expressionism, and I like the work of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, Sue Clyne, Paul Cezanne, Travion Payne and Jade Summer. I personally like drawing and painting angels, fairies and mythical / fantasy creatures, with my all-time favourite piece being a really large canvas showing a comet and unicorn made from glittered paints – ‘fairy dust’… I loved it! I proudly like to donate some of my work to the Barnardo’s children’s charity though and that picture was one of them… I just wanted to make someone smile with it, whilst supporting a meaningful cause to me. Paintings such as the glittered fairies, vampires or leprechauns I do are mainly just for fun, relaxation and to entertain my own kids. My ultimate favourite subjects to paint though are that of pets/animals and people.. They’ll always be my first love!!

An artist who I admire greatly and whose one study I think is amazing, is that of former graphic designer Ewing Paddock, he’d spent three years painting twenty – five 4ft x 4ft paintings, made from observations of people travelling on the Tubes in the London Underground – (one of his pieces I’ve shown below to the right) He exhibited his collection at Bankside Gallery as his contribution to the 150th year of the London Underground in 2013. Due to it not being practical to paint on the tube thanks to all the stops and typical interruptions, he made a replica of the carriage seats in his studio where he then invited passengers to sit undisturbed. I love the normality and character of the people he had captured, especially when you consider they weren’t 100% natural… they look it though! I think the guys a legend personally. Other photographs I like to take are of the sky, such as the clouds, moon, sun and rainbows, and also landscapes especially during the changing season. I take photos of the feathers I receive as well, which are signs that the angels are with me. I arrange them on the flowers in my garden or somewhere else in nature, which I love. I have loads of fun capturing spirit orb’s too, I am 100% sure that they are spirit energy by the way because I always communicate with them… you cannot do that with dust particles! when I see an orb or a group of them, I ask them to move over or come closer to me and follow simple instructions and they listen and do exactly as I ask. The room can also get a little cold due to them being pure energy and yet my ears often feel hot… although both those examples are not as intense as they used to be, most of the time these days I just get a loving, warm, relaxed feeling around me… probably because the angels and spirit know that I fully accept and understand them. I also see shadows or speckles of light in the corner of my eye. On a few occasions the light bulbs flicker too when they are around.  On one occasion, whilst I was doing some self-healing – (It’s very important I do so by the way, as I need to make sure that my own energy levels stay in tip-top condition, and that all my chakras stay balanced – I wouldn’t be much help to anyone else if I didn’t! ) Anyway, whilst in the middle of the session, I knew I had someone in the room with me as I could sense a strong presence. So, I got up and grabbed my camera, and whilst speaking to them, asked whoever was with me to please show themselves to me. I captured a series of shots of an orb/mist, which slowly got bigger on each one, as it moved across the top of my therapy bed, and inside the orb were not one, but two faces… a man and a woman’s. I was so excited – as always when I have things like this happen, that I showed the open circle it at the local spiritualist church, and they told me it was two of my ancestors who had been united in the spirit world – How lovely.

By the way, for those people who feel apprehensive, please don’t worry that they’ll appear in the middle of your own treatment or anything like that okay? Do you remember what I said earlier about spirit respecting boundaries? They wouldn’t impose on your treatment rest assured! On another occasion, not long after that, I’d just finished making a good friend of mine a crystal grid, and as always, took a photo of it to send to them, but when I looked closer at the image, there was a face in the crystal ball also. I’m not sure if it was the grain of the wood or what, as I never sensed anything with me on this occasion, but if you look closely you can see the pupils on the face, it was an unexpected surprise! The grid was set up at 1:00am, when everyone else in my family were in bed. So, it wasn’t a reflection of any of them, and it looks absolutely nothing like myself!  I have an album full of orbs that I have captured, as I like to look back at them. Even though I Like being creative with how I mentioned above, I normally just keep that as something I do as a way to unwind as I find it enjoyable when I sense a presence and am able to capture it on camera. Although, just after I’d finished aligning my sister-in-law’s chakras with the crystals, not too long ago actually, I decided to take a pic on my phone; which was in my living room, next door– (with her permission of course!) because I could feel a lovely atmosphere around her. The result was a pink orb, which was lovely as it was her upper heart chakra that had been blocked at the start of her treatment, and so I had also asked the angels for assistance. With pink also representing Archangel Chamuel. If during future session’s I get the same feelings, and you would like me to do the same for you, then that’s not a problem at all, I’ll then forward it on via text or email before you leave. In fact, I personally think it’s a lovely gift to take away with you!

Carrying on though, I decided to run creating my artwork alongside pursuing what I felt was my true calling, and the one that my tummy kept telling me was the correct path for me… energy healing! But being able to combine the therapy sessions with the energy infused art and intertwine both disciplines all from under one roof was even better for me. Plus, every Psychic Medium I’ve ever spoken with has told me my soul is here to help other people in this way and that I’m a light worker… which could be the explanation for the fairies I saw as a child! I’ve even been stopped on the bus in the past and also whilst walking to school to be told I had ‘gifts’, I’ll never forget my reaction the first time one told me I was an Earth Walking Angel as a Teen, I’m not kidding I almost rolled across the floor and peed my pants laughing… and I was as open minded as they come! but I was like ‘Hellooooo I say words like s**t  and wear ripped jeans, I don’t think so’. The Medium smiled and said ‘Maybe so Katie, but the colours of your aura are ice blue and silver, which explains exactly why you are the way you are… super sensitive to energy and emotions and is why you have had and will continue to have the experiences you do, because you’re an inherently natural intuitive healer and spiritual counsellor’. Another one… a gypsy lady on the local fun fair told me when I was 14 that she knew I felt peoples emotions as my own and I’ll help many people because of this fact, she went onto also say that I have a direct link with Archangel Chamuel and will work personally with him, not via any courses I have undertaken but purely via my connection with him… hence maybe why I had the pink orb in the room with us during the therapy session –  (pictured above!) all my experiences made me decide to not procrastinate any longer and track down a training college who’d be able to give me the bona fide accredited certification in all the areas of energy therapy I was interested in, so that I could help other people ASAP – I had a car by then after all, you’d have thought after that pretty loaded revelation I might have been given a pair of wings or something wouldn’t you?

Moving on… It’s all well and good loving what you do, but without proper certification, its human nature that people might have felt insecure as we like a badge of reassurance. Plus, to help other people other than my family and friends, I’d have needed insurance to be able to do so legitimately anyway. So, my ambition of being able to help people professionally was looking like it was going to come into fruition. However, it wasn’t the right time as the universe had something else in store. As after trying for what seemed like forever to have a baby, followed by tests to see why it wasn’t happening for us, before possibly going down the IVF route. One day we found out the great news that we were about to have a baby naturally. In which case, in due course we were holding our daughter Sapphire – (named after my September birth stone.)

(left – Our first born Sapphire, middle – One of the times when having to have a cannula was more than worth it! right – Daniel with  Crystal)


Followed six years later by our Twins, Ian-James and Crystal – (named after his dad and my obvious love of crystals!) Talking of the twin’s birth, when they came out, first it was Ian, followed less than a minute by his sister who wasn’t crying. I laid there holding my son with all sorts running through my brain for what felt like an eternity, when suddenly the staff started all buzzing about happily, because basically Crystal had had a 1 in 80,000 birth experience, as she’d been born completely inside her amniotic sac- (hence hearing no crying at first!) The nurse passed her to me after cutting the sac open and said ‘Congratulations, this means lucky’… I felt blessed because I felt like the lucky one in having had her, and not in the way they actually meant it! 

Having the luxury of having these three little souls to raise, has been the most precious and rewarding thing ever to me. Parenting is by far not the easiest task in the world as I mentioned previously, but every single day since their birth’s they’ve had the ability to make me laugh and smile… and pull my hair out too Ha,Ha – (meant with a lot of love by the way!!) … Especially when I have to walk round wearing Crystal’s ‘Secret life of pets’ perfume because Sapphire’s used up another bottle of my Lady Million – Grrr… not very sophisticated for a 38-year-old ay?! Not to mention our Daniel for the past 22 years of my life also – (the son of my husband) he’s a lovely young man. It’s been a huge privilege for me in being a part of his growing up. Which is exactly what I meant earlier, when I said ‘Abundance’ comes in many different forms! I juggled parenthood with selling gemstone jewellery, which I was doing before having had the little ones, and which I continue to do from my therapy room now – (albeit nothing of a considered purchase, being more in favour of clients being able to take away a little bit of something if they wish to in the colour of what they need after a treatment, every piece of which has been Reiki charged by myself.) I ran selling the jewellery, alongside working in three schools. One was working with pupils who had severe learning difficulties, and where I spent time in both upper and lower school as a Learning Support Assistant and Mid-day Supervisor, and another was working with pupils who had moderate learning difficulties and sometimes challenging behaviour. I was attached to a year 11 class and worked with Key stage 3 and 4 classes during my last year there, and gained experience working with all the National Curriculum subjects. I worked in this setting due to the fact that I seriously considered doing a PGCE in Art and Design to become an Art Teacher as a way to encourage young people to explore, challenge and understand the world in which they live through being creative, so it made obvious sense that  to do this it would be a good opportunity to give me a hands on feel of the job before investing time, effort and money into it. It was a good job too because 

I didn’t want to let my energy healing ambition fall to the wayside forever… it just constantly kept niggling and gnawing away at me. I also realised that I really enjoyed working one to one with the students… a lot more than the actual concept of taking to the floor and teaching an entire class full as I felt rather awkward in a sense doing so… a fear of public speaking didn’t help matters either! In my normal day to day life I’m out going and confident in my own skin, yet in this situation I felt uncomfortable and nervous. Maybe it was the seriousness of the whole role/situation too, I’m a bit of a free spirit… okay a lot of a free spirit actually, so even though I feel that the art/creative aspect of the job would have been fulfilling for all involved, the actual teaching of the class might have been totally unorthodox lol… maybe for that reason it would have been absolutely brilliant had I pushed on with it, who knows?! Everything in theory sounds easy yet the reality can be the complete opposite, I never expected to feel that way but I did. I felt like I couldn’t be fully myself in a sense, so I let it go. I think with the number of hours we spend working it’s important to be comfortable in what we do. Having said that though I absolutely loved all three different settings and experiences and those years flew by. I adored all the kids and enjoyed supporting and caring for them during their school day. During this period of my life I spent a good quantity of time working with pupils in the Sensory Room, where I witnessed the fantastic impact that all the different sounds, colours, smells, lights and tactile surfaces within this lovely and secure environment, benefitted the students magnificently. It helped them build up their confidence and their own abilities as they were safe and free to explore as to what calmed or stimulated them. On another occasion, I organised an art project with some of the students whereby I supported them with painting a mural along the length of the corridor within the school. I saw the advantages that colour had on the pupils, and how art allowed them to express things, that they weren’t able to through speech. I think it is a massive advantage for people both young and old to have the ability to talk about what’s inside of them, and those children fell into that category. Being creative is extremely freeing and the imagination was so open to them at their young age. The combination of the energy and inspiration of the children, mixed with the array of coloured paints made the experience a resounding success. I enjoyed every minute of It. Again, just another example of how the use of colour can improve and lift a person’s vibration. As can the relaxing components of a sensory room’s equipment. On a more diluted scale, the darkened room, the smell of the essential oils in the atomiser and the playing of relaxing music in a spa or therapy room, can enable people to be able to channel a similar experience, where they can fully relax and even fall asleep. Waking up with a feeling of rejuvenation.

As you are aware, today I am a fully insured, qualified and certified Colour/Vibrational Healing Therapist, and the owner of a small dual sided business ‘Aquarius Therapies’ & ‘Aquarius Therapies Art’- (named after my children’s birth signs – Their birthday’s being only two days apart! ) and I work from a couple of cosy and comfortable rooms in my home. I am proof that even if you have to take different avenues to get to where you want to be, or that other people tell you it’s simply just not do-able – (cough) Goofy!!! it is!

I’m a firm believer that if you can see it in your head, you can feel it in your hands… no matter how large or small your goals are, as long as you don’t give up and you think positively. Nothing will stop you achieving what you desire, unless YOU believe it will… Be confident and have no fear! my advice to you is to visualise whatever it is you want, don’t be shy in asking for anything… just be positive in what it is you desire and don’t become too hung up on the outcome alright?! Just ask the universe for what you want and wait for it to deliver. If you over analyse it and get stressed out over it, you’ll mess up the process and you might even create a self-fulfilling prophesy where you get exactly what you don’t want, you follow me? but by feeling confident that the universe will deliver… it will – have faith! You can even write a letter to the universe asking for X,Y or Z and post it back to yourself, I’ve done this and some outstanding things have happened… Good luck!

At the end of the day though we are all here for our own unique reason/s, some are obvious and others not so. But come the end of your life you’ll realise that nothing was ever random. Even if things don’t make sense at the time and upsets you. In fact, I’ve found throughout my life when something never worked out the way I’d hoped it would, that it had to fall away to make space for something else. That something else being far more advantageous to me than not!

Before I go on to briefly talk about emotions and energy, I’d like to share one of my biggest wishes with you. I once went to a close family friend’s funeral, and during the service his daughter read out a poem called ‘The Dash’ by Linda Ellis. I listened to it and knew instantly that I wanted my ‘dash’ to be to support people in realising, that however hard life gets… and I’ll be blunt here, when I say it can be a total b*****d as life sometimes throws curve balls our way which have the power to knock us sideways. Leaving us without a clue how to deal with the situation, or where/who to turn to. But without sounding cliched, if I can help and offer hope to just one person to be able to stand back up and carry on in knowing that things CAN get better, and that tomorrow WILL be okay. Then upon leaving this world I know I’ll never have wasted my dash!

Also, I’ll quickly say here that sometimes simply just talking about what’s hurting us is therapeutic in itself. Without having anyone to talk to about what’s really troubling you and holding onto something inside your heart and head, then whatever it is has the power to grow, bigger and bigger until it’s gigantic in all size and proportion… Massive and ugly okay?!… Up until you hear yourself say it out loud that is, at which point you’ll realise it’s not that bad or maybe not even a big deal at all. Thus, being in a position to deal with the issue in manageable bite sized chunks. The saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ may or may not be a scientific fact, but I know for a fact it works. It is sometimes far easier to talk to a stranger than it is to our own friends and family members at times, it’s nothing personal and no reflection on the love we hold for them, but being able to scream, shout, cry, or just merely think with someone who cares and respects your views and opinions without feeling condemned,  rejected or judged helps you to express how you feel, with the end result being that you feel a lot more positive and uplifted about the situation. Discussing internal issues helps in so many ways because by ignoring them or stamping them out, it can have serious consequences down the line, by not talking about certain things, it doesn’t make them disappear, like I said above they’ll hang about and linger until something triggers an explosion of emotions… possibly leading to a mental break down, but even if it didn’t get that far it’s still majorly unhealthy.

That’s what I was saying at the beginning of this. I view certain situations a bit like when a kid shoves their hand inside a lucky bag, they never know what they’re going to get, do they? So, upon pulling their hand back out they’re either excited or deflated at what they find in there. Well, imagine going to a place for a treatment and having that kind of experience, because during the consultation process you realise you feel too awkward to really hit the nail on the head and say why you feel a certain way – (if you even know why that is!) as sometimes depression creeps up very slowly over a long period of time from seemingly out of nowhere, with no obvious explanation as to the cause, things can just take a downward spiral. Whilst other times it can be clearly linked with a divorce/relationship breakdown, loss of job/or even a new job if you feel anxiety to perform well, illness of yourself or a loved one, bullying, eating disorders, phobias, grief, a house move, sexual abuse or through biological reasons like hormonal imbalances and genetics, or maybe even a combination of the above… Though the list as to the ‘whys’ is far too long to list here, as are all the different symptoms, because we are all unique, no two people are the same and we don’t go through exactly the same things. What is the same though is the feeling you get when your just one thought away from ending it all, it’s that quick snap choice decision that changes everything, and everyone else’s lives too who know and love you. It rarely ends with just the one casualty. Plus, it doesn’t discriminate as unfortunately ANYONE can be susceptible to it at some point in their life and it is totally disabling if you’re a sufferer of this, as it’s a lot bigger than just feeling down in the dumps, it’s debilitating and has a ripple effect over all the other areas of your life, like a line of domino’s… when one gets knocked down the rest follow, and if not addressed can lead to alcohol and drug abuse which fuels it even further. Fortunately, when you can see where or how this came about, then dealing with it won’t seem so overwhelming and you can then start moving in the right direction towards overcoming it and coming out the other side to enjoy life again… baby steps!! Anyhow, I’ll continue with what I was saying, which is some people might not want to speak up about how they’re truly feeling out of fear of what the therapist will think of them because of some social stigma – (even though it’s not your fault and doesn’t define who you are one tiny bit… believe that please! There’s nothing at all to feel embarrassed about!) but due to you knowing very little or even nothing at all about them as a person, or how they really think though, you may feel they might judge you in some way or other, thus holding yourself back. Therefore, you’ll get a good treatment session but it might not be an exceptional one because you went in with good expectations but left the place feeling semi deflated having had not clicked with the therapist… and no one wants that! Read on……

Social media may show vouchers, offers and updates, which are all fantastic marketing tools. Running a professional business, I understand fully. But does any of that business jargon really tell you enough about the person who’s treating / supporting you? I don’t think it does. Unless you simply view the treatment as like buying a new pair of shoes, as in straight in and out, which is fine… it’s entirely up to you! But if you don’t see it like that, then it can leave an element of there being an ‘elephant in the room.’ For if you do say something, but can tell it’s made the therapist feel uncomfortable, or they can tell that your too nervous to tell them what you would have liked to, it’s not going to be a great experience for you. Whereas, if we are honest and know exactly who/what we are dealing with – (and I’m talking both ways here) we can deal with the problem head on together like team mates, in which case the benefits will be extremely good. Because by you knowing more about me and how my mind works, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable as you’ll already have a decent understanding of how I am, or uncomfortable if what I have said here has jarred with your own views and opinions. Which is fine… there’s absolutely nothing wrong in that. I just think it saves your time, effort and money by you getting to know a little bit about me first, over leaving it till the day you arrive and perhaps going home at the end with a feeling of disappointment as such. I seriously want what’s best for you!

Lots of people choose to have Vibrational / Colour therapy out of sheer curiosity or fun, and why not? It’s a great thing to do, as a lot of people luckily don’t have any serious problems at all and everything is tickety-boo. So therefore, just like to maintain their equilibrium by having treatments for optimal health and well-being…. in the same way as they would eat a healthy diet, partake in regular exercise, visit a hair and beauty salon or go clothes shopping, which are all enjoyable activities that make us feel good! With energy healing simply being just another modality to unwind. In which case it’s one hour just for them of complete tranquillity, peace and relaxation… Bliss!!

On the other end of the spectrum, there are a lot of people who aren’t ready to be healed, and more over don’t even want to be!

However, for those individuals who do but are struggling internally and feeling lost, then just getting something off your chest in confidence can feel like a weight off your shoulders. Believe you me, with business matters totally aside, many, many people have told me things over the years in confidence, that I will take to my grave – (a lot of people reading this now will know exactly what I’m talking about!) Simply put, just the act of you talking and me listening, and moreover you feeling understood is a stand-alone treatment in itself. I have a daft sense of humour at times I know and may not even come across as very serious at all to those who see me out and about… even on here, but that’s because I truly believe that laughter is a great medicine and all-round stress reliever, it makes me feel good inside and I like to pass that on! Plus, who knows what can happen, this life is way too short not to see the funny side of some things, don’t you agree?! Laughing a lot has the ability to bring your mind and body back into a state of balance… it boosts the immune system, protects the heart, triggers the release of endorphins and relaxes the muscles. It also helps burn calories and helps diffuse tension. But amidst my jolly disposition I’ll tell you straight up now that there’s absolutely nothing at all that anyone could tell me that I think would shock or surprise me. That does not mean I have all the answers to your questions though. I wish I did, but I’m not Yoda lol!

If I had first-hand experience of every single problem life throws at some of us, then I would be in no fit state to help anybody else, as I’d probably be a nervous jibbering wreck. It’d take me many life times to have walked in every pair of shoes in order to answer everything! But I am extremely open minded and I love people and genuinely care. If I could do this job for free I seriously would, but like everyone else on the planet I have the earthly needs of myself and family to meet of food, warmth and shelter etc. In short, I’m not in this field of work for the money though. In fact even working all the hours god sent wouldn’t allow me to get rich doing this. I’m in it purely because I want to help other people via the methods I love… which is why I’m being so honest with what I’m saying here. From a monetary / business perspective I have probably done myself no favours at all in writing what I have,  in that respect it would have been easier to have said absolutely nothing at all, other than I can cleanse your aura and balance your Chakras at a cost of such and such a price! In short and I’m going to level with you here, I’m not prepared to lie to you okay?… I’m being completely honest with you about my views and opinions, as I’m not interested in telling people what they want to hear simply to make money and hope my prices reflect that. If people read this and get to the end, or have already come to the conclusion that they don’t like me or my outlook on life, I can live with that. If people feel they do like me though then that’s great, because let’s keep it real, I could be Mary Poppins and some people would still find fault and tell me that I sing the song ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ far too fast or that my carpet bag should be made out of PVC instead, because that’s how this world rolls… unfortunately you’ll never ever please everyone 24/7 no matter how hard you try and I accepted that fact years ago. So, if I know that I’m not deliberately causing pain to another person, then I’ll always carry on singing ‘Um-dittle-itti-um-dittle-I’, Um-dittie-itti-um-ditti-I….…….!! There’s never any point being anything other than yourself!!

One things for sure, I think by the end of reading this, you’re going to have at least some kind of an idea as to what to expect if we meet. I can’t expect people to be truthful with me, if I’m not being truthful with them, can I? I’m not wearing a professional mask on here, this is me! Again, there’s so much more I could write about too, but I’ve obviously had to skim through leaving blanks as there needs to be a cut-off point somewhere!

If/when we do meet though, it’ll be my turn to be quiet and listen to you, as you’ll already know quite a bit about me. Which isn’t bad to say I’m not on Facebook etc. Before this WhatsApp was stretching it!

I would like to say here too, just so there’s no confusion, that I am a Vibrational Healing Therapist and not a Counsellor. I am trained and qualified to use ‘Counselling Skills’, which I gained through courses run by the CPCAB- (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) which I use to aid me in my work here at Aquarius, therefore I am in a good position to listen/help you. However, I do have a few contact numbers of amazing qualified Person-Centred Counsellors who can support you with any deep rooted issues, if you’d like to discuss painful things more in depth with them. I met them whilst I was doing my training and guarantee your in good hands. Side by side, counselling and energy therapy could be the magic formula your looking for to feel your ultimate best…. a winning combination!

Now then, for me, emotions are an amazing expression of our energy ‘vibe’. These delicate energies that we pick up on with our intuition is unreal – amazing almost. Some people feel awesome to be around and can improve our own mood and energy levels, whilst others are just draining, leaving us with the feeling of wanting to get away from them, and fast! This subtle energy has a few names but I call it Universal Life Force. You might call it Chi, or something else! This energy is essential to our health. Emotional energy can pave the way between an awful or a great relationship-energetic compatibility is highly important. The basic rapport needs to be there, because without the right chemistry it’s going nowhere fast. Yet when the energy between two people is compatible and vibrating at a similar frequency, we don’t have to force anything at all, because it just works. Sometimes when we walk into a building, we can pick up the feel of the energy of who or what happened before we got there can’t we? Or if we bump into some people who have just had a row which had just finished, but they tell us that everything’s fine, but we just know it’s not, it’s because we are using our senses that have come from our intuition. The more times this happens the better our intuition gets, in which case we’ll read the people and situations around us in a way that can’t be processed logically in the brain.
The reason I love energy healing so much is because in time, it allows us to drop the mask. As people we are complex, individual, amazing, beautiful, mad, bonkers and crazy, and even off our heads-in a good way!  When we’re having a good day, we can feel this as an amazing feeling of happiness, appreciation, love and joy. In short, we feel like the sun shining on us.

Sadly however a lot of us struggle to feel that way, because we hide our ‘mad, bonkers and crazy etc’ to fit into society, so we wear a mask and go around trying to please everyone around us, to be mega good and work really hard to put out into the world that of what we feel is expected of us as a society. Acting so called ‘normal’. Through this though we unfortunately lose sight of our ‘mad, bonkers and crazy’ and our intuition and pain, but more over our pleasure too, so we end up in a kind of survival mode becoming less than we are. So, we end up wasting the pretty! When we can accept who we really are though, and learn to love ourselves inside out, we can let go of all the masks and live with shear authenticity, speaking our truths and remember exactly who we really are. We can then begin to be our true selves the vast majority of the time, and not who we think we should be in order to fit in with what other people around us want us to be like. The big thing here though, is we need to accept that not everyone is going to like us, or that we might say something that doesn’t sit well with others or don’t want to hear. It’ll also mean we see something about our self that we really don’t like too, things we’ve not been doing for ages just to suit the people around us, when really, we’d love to be doing it. Change is compulsory when we go through a healing, and unfortunately change is one of the most scariest things there is, because it means being honest with ourselves and letting go of false pretences and the image that we give out to the world, and starting to be our true self most of the time. This means making mistakes, but that’s just human nature isn’t it? because life is a learning process and none of us are perfect. I know I’m not anyway. Trust me, I act like Rihanna when I sing, when the reality is I’m more Daffy Duck on helium, but it’s as entertaining to the listener non-the less!

Following on, We all at some point or other in our lives screw things up massively. The big difference though, is when we are healed we are able to hold our hands up and acknowledge our wrongdoings without blaming anyone else, which is also a hard thing for some people to do. Healing is also about us saying ‘NO’ when we need to say no, and recognising something that is bad for us and respecting ourselves enough to say, ‘no more, it stops here’, or to simply not do something in the first place. It also means saying ‘YES’ when we need to, even if we don’t feel like it. It means feeling resistance in our body to something and realising that resistance is just us saying ‘no’ because it’s easy and not because it’s the best/right thing to do. It’s all about having an awareness of when we are saying yes or no to something, just because it’s an easy option at the time. Healing, isn’t just about us doing the right thing though… that’s just rubbish! Healing is about us doing the right thing no matter how hard it is. So that we know at the end of the day, that deep down inside ourselves we did absolutely the right thing at the time, and it doesn’t matter who saw us do it as we’ll know we did it. As long as we know that fact then that’s all that should matter. It also means forgiving other people and learning how to accept it, to face the pain head on and deal with it, instead of running away from it. It also means being grateful for all we have, even when we don’t feel it at the time, and moreover being grateful for the things we don’t have that we feel we should. Healing happens daily, we don’t just wake up one day healed, it’s a slow process of slowly letting go of what we perceive as true and discovering what is actually true, so that we can be straight up with what is there in front of us. When we are at the point of being able to take a step back from any given situation and just observe it, instead of reacting and taking it all to heart, it’s then that we know were going the right way on our path. It’s all about letting go of the need to control things and opening ourselves up to everyday life circumstance, trusting that everything will be OK.

Before I forget, I’ll slot in here a quote from Master Oogway from the Kung Fu Panda movie. Don’t panic! I don’t usually go around referencing a 1000-year-old animated tortoise! I remember hearing it a long time ago and just really liked it as I think it makes perfect sense: –

‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present!’

By making sure that we are vibrating at a high frequency we will also attract other people who vibrate at a similar level to ourselves, as like attracts like. Likewise, if we have holes in our aura we will attract negative people and emotional vampires. This is the law of attraction. The aura is a colourful, multi-layered energy field that is also known as a psychic energy field. All living things are surrounded by an aura that can extend approximately 6 feet around us. Each layer within the aura vibrates differently and contains information about us that can reflect the condition of our chakras – (I have explained what chakras are on a different page) it holds information about our past, present and future. Kirlian cameras can be used to photograph and view the aura, as can some Psychics and Mediums.

As a busy wife and mum and wearing all the hats that this entails from Chauffeur, Cleaner, Teacher, Chef, Doctor, Banker and Playmate and so on…..! Whether you are a man or a woman, I know just how hectic life can be when your juggling work, kids, the home, Asda and toilet rolls, and that feeling you get when you just go ‘AAAAH!!’. I am equally aware that for a lot of people the feelings of being anxious, tired, overworked and overwhelmed, can become a way of life, and living like this can lead to many physical ailments and depression. Additionally, situations such as arguments and upsets within relationships, both personal and professional, and being unproductive and unhappy in the workplace can all too easily develop, and sadly stay that way. These types of problems, which come about from physical, emotional and mental stress often involve an unhealthy and complex relationship between the body and mind. By cleansing your aura though and balancing out your chakras, negativity can dissipate and prevent any more negative invasions. By doing this you can attract higher divine energies and feel more at peace within yourself. Additionally, by purchasing a piece of my Reiki charged and crystal infused artwork, and/or jewellery- (again, the Reiki is added at no additional cost), you can get healing from the comfort of your own home or workplace – (For more information, please click the ‘Aquarius Therapies Art’ page above. Plus, you can view more of my artwork by clicking on the link to my other website on the home page.)

I really must wrap this up now, before I go though, I just want to say a huge thank you to yourself for taking the time to read this. I hope it gives you an honest glimpse of who I am as a person, and a good idea as to why I love what I do, so that upon meeting me for the first time I’m not just like a stranger. Moreover, I would like to thank you for being you, because whether you realise it or not YOU are fantastic, don’t let anyone tell you any other… never dull your sparkle!


l’ll leave you here with a popular quote I like from Alice in Wonderland – If your… ‘Mad. Bonkers. Off your head’.  I’ll tell you a secret… All the best people are!


Wishing you a bright, safe and happy future… wherever that may take you.

Love and Sparkles,



It’s easy enough to be pleasant,

When life flows along like a song,

But the man worthwhile is the man who can smile,

When everything goes dead wrong.

– (Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1850 -1919)