My Art

All the paintings that I produce are very special to me, but as an added booster to make them even more so, is the fact that I attune and empower them with Kundalini Fire energy and Ethereal crystals specially for the recipient. By adding the Reiki and Ethereal crystals energy to my artwork it enables you in balancing your own chakras from wherever you hang the painting, bringing your body back into a state of balance. You can either simply put it on the wall and just enjoy it for it’s aesthetic properties… absorbing the colours, image and energy that I add to my work, or you can meditate whilst looking at the picture. For instance, play soothing music, light a candle and sit and take in the picture whilst receiving healing energy from the method I talk about further down the page which resonates the most with you.


The healing crystals I add to align and balance the recipients chakras are: –

SODALITE… indigo / crown chakra-connection to spirituality                                                                                                  
AMETHYST… violet / third eye chakra-ability to focus, connects to intuition, imagination, wisdom and decisions.
BLUE LACE AGATE… blue / throat chakra- is linked to our ability to communicate.
ROSE QUARTZ… pink / upper heart chakra- is about selfless, spiritual and unconditional love.
GREEN AVENTURINE… green / heart chakra-love, inner peace and joy.
TIGERS EYE… yellow / solar plexus chakra- self esteem, self confidence and self worth.
ORANGE CITRINE… orange / sacral chakra- sense of sexuality and pleasure.
RED JASPER… red /root chakra- associated with survival issues.
CLEAR QUARTZ… is a master healer and amplifies the healing properties of all the other crystals on your artwork.

I always keep a copy of the photographs given to me to work from, in order for me to periodically re-charge your painting up -(if you wish)… for continuous healing. Be mindful that just because you cannot see the crystals and Reiki on your art work it does not mean they aren’t there. If you had a headache you would go to the chemist and ask for paracetamol wouldn’t you? but you don’t ask the pharmacist what ingredients is in the tablets or exactly how they work… you just know they will! Less then 40 years ago if someone told another person that they would one day in the future be able to speak with someone in Australia from the UK and see the person that they were connecting with via video chat – (Face time/Skype!) with no wires or lines attached, folk would have looked gone out. The same with the TV we all simply take for granted the fact that we can sit on the sofa and turn over the channels with a little box from a distance away – (again no cables attached) and don’t question it, we just trust it works! Be positive and have faith in the power of receiving healing in this way, in the same way I do… since I started healing myself in this manner I’ve honestly felt superb and grounded. The reason we are all alive is because of the life force energy that flows through us, if this gets blocked we nine times out of ten get poorly, but if it flows freely we can maintain a high level of health. Stress can disrupt the free flow of energy though due to sometimes conflicting feelings and thoughts… worrying and feeling angry for instance, or feeling anxious or in doubt of something is not good at all. The subtle life force energy you receive from my art work can be extremely beneficial because the human body isn’t just made up of muscles, arteries, nerves and bones etc, it is composed of energy ‘bodies’… these energy ‘bodies’ have a centre which are called chakras. These allow the life force energy to flow through and surround our physical body which assists us in processing our emotions and thoughts properly, the energy circulates through us on all levels of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. We also have energy meridians and nadas which are like streams… they carry life force energy throughout all our bodies systems and functions, which aids us in achieving all round maximum well-being.


Art, be it creating or viewing it enables us to heal by changing our attitude and physiology. The human bodies physiology can change from feeling stressed to deeply relaxed, or from one of fear to feelings of inspiration and creativity. Art enables our brain’s wave pattern to change, thus affecting our autoimmune nervous system, our hormonal balance and our neurotransmitters. Art and music combined can also quickly change our perception of the world by altering our attitude, emotional state and pain perception. It can therefore create hope and positivity, and helps us to cope with difficulties in our lives, art helps people to transform their outlook and way of being in the world. Neurophysiologists now say that art, prayer and healing all come from the same source in the body, and are all associated with similar brain wave patterns that are all deeply connected in meaning and feeling. Art has the power to take us into our own inner worlds… the world of emotion and imagery, feelings and vision, this inward journey within our minds is extremely healing. Because healing comes from within us, it frees our own healing resources, which allows our immune system to operate at it’s optimal best, and that’s how we heal.


During my Kundalini Reiki Masters attunement an Etheric diamond was automatically placed in my Crown Chakra. It works so that all the Reiki energy that flows through this Chakra takes on the properties of a diamond. The diamond amplifies the energy, making it stronger and cleanses it, making protection techniques unnecessary. This energy heals and enlightens everything in its path… as long as there are no serious underlying issues! Likewise with the Ethereal crystal attunement’s that I have recieved, which allow me to gain access to a specific crystal energy that I can channel through intention. These crystals are even stronger than the ones found here on Earth. When I add these to my paintings I point at certain points of the picture whilst thinking the stones name and intending that the crystal be placed there. Ethereal crystals have the same benefits as physical crystals but have the added benefit that they cannot absorb negative energies and therefore don’t need to be energetically cleansed and cannot fall off!!


DNA REIKI This is reputed to strengthen the ability to heal DNA strands. This Reiki has the potential to help realign and repair your DNA strands. You will be able to go in and heal negative inherited genetics and diseases. We also don’t know what damage has been done by ozone holes, genetically modified products, power lines and pollutants that we have encountered throughout our lives, so even if you are not aware of any genetic diseases it is still recommended to perform DNA Reiki. If you do this once a week for three weeks you should feel a difference within yourself. I recommend you sit upright with your feet touching the floor, and breathe deeply and evenly. Use a form of protection around yourself and ask your higher self to assist you. Then put your hands together and say silently or out loud ‘DNA Reiki’. This method of healing only takes three-five minutes.

CRYSTALLINE REIKI Over all of the body we have small deposits of crystals which are exit points for the traumas we have experienced throughout our life. Every time we put off dealing with the trauma, a crystal forms. Every time we push something to the back of our minds, we create a crystal. A trauma can be anything from a broken leg to feeling upset over an emotional issue, a crystal forms to create a memory of the pain and the feelings of that trauma. We will often try anything we can to deal with it, and yet find nothing seems to work. Memory cells in trauma areas will retain the pain longer if the emotion is attached to it remains strong. Over a period of time crystals form mentally and physically and become hard until you let go of the feelings attached to the crystals. If there are no unresolved issues or feelings behind the trauma, the crystals  can be dissolved and healed in only one session. Almost every crystal around the body can be healed. Crystalline Reiki will start the process of breaking down the crystals, it is gradual process. You will need at least two separate fifteen – minute sessions… more for a deep-seated problem. All you have to do is ground and protect yourself, ask for assistance from your guides or higher self. Think ‘Crystalline Reiki’ then simply write ‘crystals in body’ on your palm, or on a piece of paper if you wish then let the Reiki flow.

BIRTH TRAUMA REIKI The most severe trauma is usually the process of being born. Who knows what trauma we are feeling at the time of birth that may have resulted in problems now, fear of the dark, anxiety, back or neck pain that won’t go away yet don’t seem to have any obvious cause, may all be due as a result of the trauma during being born. For the gentlest release of this trauma, a specific type of energy is used while the healing is occurring and ‘Reiki Erasing’ the memories. As with the above methods, sit quietly and ground and protect yourself, then ask your higher self, guides and angels to assist you, close your eyes and say ‘Birth Trauma Reiki’. This method of healing only takes three to five minutes.

LOCATION REIKI Just as there are karmic bands between people, there is also a tie between people and places and even the Earth itself. These bands/ties can weigh us down and can influence our physical health. The energy here is a little different than that of Diamond Reiki, and gives optimum results. Start by placing your hands together and if you know of the place you want to sever cords with, write the place or country on your hands, then think ‘Location Reiki’…Then let the Reiki get to work. The healing should only take three to five minutes.

PAST LIFE REIKI This method of healing helps heal the blockages from your earlier incarnation / life. What if the problems you are experiencing in this life are as a result of things which happened to you in a previous one? What if your money issues are as a result of continuously being greedy, stealing, gambling or overspending in a past life? Or what if you can’t stay in a relationship or friendship because you took a vow of chastity or even became a hermit in another life? Past Life Reiki can help weaken the energy of negative residues, or cords still holding onto these past life issues. for this method, centre yourself and write ‘my past lives’ on your hands, then place your hands together and just think ‘Past Life Reiki’. Do this three times, once a week to complete a treatment.

BALANCE There is one simple Reiki practice that can regulate your energy field and bring things back into balance. In just 30 seconds you can via a specific hand position, balance ALL of the energy systems within the body. Do this by ‘tenting’ the tips of your fingers together and thumbs of the opposite hand together for 30 seconds and think ‘Balance’. Do this by sitting up and hold your hands where they are at their comfiest… in your lap or in front of your chest – it’s up to you. This will then start the whole balancing of your complete nervous system. You may possibly feel a subtle energy flow up and down your body. You can then let go and do whatever you need to, as the process is automatic from this point on, and it will continue for around an hour. It is recommended that this should be done only once a day!


If you have a favourite picture of yourself, a pet/animal, a loved one – (both here on Earth or in Heaven) or even have a favourite building or location that you would like painting, then feel free to contact me and we’ll take it from there. Each painting is done by hand and I work from photographs. I can create the entire image if it is meaningful to you or will not add something you’d rather not see, I know how frustrating it can be to have a lovely photo ruined by something or someone in the back ground, so don’t worry about things like that okay.


The media I work with are extremely mixed, including acrylics, 3D puffy and multi-surface paints… some of which glow up in the dark -(which is a nice surprise when the lights go off… it kind of makes two pictures in one!) and the other paints create a metallic or pearl effect. I also use glitter glues, sequins, spray paints, feathers, fairy dust, sweet wrappers, real crystal chips and party confetti… basically I use anything that I feel will make your painting pop. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun for me when creating my work with all this stuff at hand… my creative juices just flow and for me there’s no feeling like it. Due to the nature of how I work I might use just one or all of the mediums I just mentioned, depending on how your picture flows. I recently used the actual sand from my 2003 beach wedding in Mauritius when I painted one of our wedding photo’s… our eldest daughter wanted it as a keepsake so I figured you can’t get more personal than that! 


The main reason I like to frame my work up is because a stretched canvas board makes people prone to touching the paintings which can dirty them and also make the additional things I add fall off, I’ve had people come into my work space and like a moth to a flame they have automatically reached out and touched the picture… curious as to the texture of the piece. Whereas in a frame – (which is how I prefer to present my work) causes zero damage to the art work as it’s fully protected. I personally love professional framing as I think artwork looks stunning behind glass, and also the double mount and frame compliments my work which I feel enhances the finished article, even though it takes added time, effort and expense in doing so I feel the final result is well worth it. Plus with framed work you also have the added advantage of being able to wipe away any marks down the years… finger prints, cigarette smoke, pet hairs and the like. More over it keeps the painting safe during transit, as I cannot roll them up in a tube to ship out due to the nature of how they are produced… it’s imperative they stay flat to prevent any damage! Some Artists don’t like to frame art work made from acrylic paints due to possible condensation building up, resulting in mold and rotting over time, but that will not happen with a double mount so don’t worry over something like that happening as the painting does not touch the glass.  


With regards to your finished painting sometimes it’s good to just trust, as some things are better off served by not knowing what your going to get, because like kids opening up their presents on Christmas morning, part of the magic in our lives is found in the joy of surprise. Trust that when I connect with my higher self that you will love your picture… even if neither of us can tell how it will be until it is completed. With each painting I produce I trust the big guns every time to guide me in new and exciting directions… I never ever plan my work, when I start painting I let my spirit guide/angels light the way… with me adding on or leaving something off where needed and I feel some great results arise from something I never even saw coming myself. With the nature of the glitter glues too it always feels brilliant when I finish a piece of work one day, and upon being left to dry overnight looks totally different once the colours have dried and amalgamated… It excites the life out of me when I walk into my painting room and see what has happened to it, I hope it does you too when you receive your painting.


For all you Twin Flames and Soul Mates out there if you would like a nude of your partner or even both of you together – (erotic art) then I can do that for you… they look great in the bedroom. I’m not shy and embarrassed of a naked body… all body parts are exactly the same to me! All I need to work from is a photograph… but that’s up to you to take okay? Rest assured no one else will see your picture and I will not add it to my website if you wish for it not to be… you have my word that it’ll be for your eyes only!

Please view the photo gallery for a few examples of my style of work, and let me know which you would prefer… I’ll be adding more in due course!



– The style of my work is NOT Photorealistic.

– I do not produce prints so you are guaranteed a one off unique piece of art, which will arrive to you signed and with a certificate of authenticity.

– All the paintings I produce will arrive to you in a high quality frame, and are double mounted in a colour which compliments the art work. You can decide on the colour of the frame though as you’ll know what room it will be going in… we can discuss this over the phone.

– The examples of my work in the photo gallery are NOT for sale… they are purely to show close-up’s of the mediums I use and to give you an idea of my personal style only.