Benefits of Vibrational & Colour Healing

There really are no limits to the benefits of healing, whether you just feel a little bit down or if you would just like to maintain your already high vibration, or maybe you are in the final stages of a terminal illness, healing can be extremely beneficial for you but also to your loved ones as well.

  1. In a deeply relaxed state the body will begin its own healing process
  2. Helps with grief and loss
  3. Can help with depression
  4. Helps with dealing with difficult relationships
  5. Sleep patterns may improve
  6. Tension is released
  7. Blood pressure can be normalised
  8. Pain can be eased as the body is balanced
  9. Endorphins are released, creating a feeling of well being
  10. Supports the immune system
  11. Helps with spiritual growth and development
  12. Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
  13. Slows down the ageing process and increases vitality
  14. Can help with injuries and chronic problems
  15. Promotes a peaceful and positive outlook
  16. Helps the body recover after surgery
  17. Renewed freshness of outlook
  18. Relief of stress and anxiety
  19. Enhanced mental clarity
  20. Enhances creativity and problem solving
  21. Removal of toxins or poisonous elements from the body
  22. Aids in clearing old patterns and limiting beliefs
  23. Encourages emotional release

There are many, many more benefits… far too many to list here, but I think you have the idea of how positive energy healing can be.